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16 people share the true story that no one ever believes actually happened.

16 people share the true story that no one ever believes actually happened.


We all have at least one wild story that seems so beautifully fake that we can't even convince our closest loved ones to give us the benefit of the doubt...

The time you swear you saw a mouse wearing a mini hat or the spooky sighting at your grandma's house that made you sage the entire living room--the world is mysterious place indeed. So, when a Reddit user asked internet strangers, 'What happened to you that no one believes actually happened?' people were ready to reveal their most unbelievable tale.


I was walking around my wooded driveway when I saw a young owl sitting on the ground. The next thing I know I feel a sharp pain on the top of my head and look up to see a mama owl swoop off. No one believes me when I tell them I was attacked by an owl. - EstelSnape


At a family lunch I saw my uncle, through marriage, finish his food and then eat a large, crumpled up paper napkin. No one else noticed. No one believes me. They all think it must have been a piece of flatbread. It is infuriating. I know what I saw and the man did not wipe his hands and mouth on a piece of GODDAMN FLATBREAD! - Brewnonono


Bird shat on me 5 times in one day at different locations. I swear It's the same Bird that did it. - SuvenPan


I was chillin in a windowless room with my aunt's dog when the shadow of a man with a beer belly walks slowly across the wall 3-4 feet away from me towards the door and vanishes. I know I wasn't crazy because the dog's head was following it too. I refused to go back to my aunt's house. She said that it's normal and that it's her deceased relatives coming to say hi every now and then... - CompCOTG


I saw something like a spaceship. It was dark grey and very close to the ground. I was with another Person. We both knew that nobody would ever believe this. This happened in Germany, summer 2018. - Rude_Historian4732


I fully admit how stupid this was, but I was swimming by myself in the gulf in fairly clear water about 10-15ft deep. My parents and sister were on the beach watching me.

With how clear and calm the water was, I’d occasionally go under, blow out all my air, and jsut sit on the sandy bottom. I can open my eyes in short intervals in saltwater so I’d look around a bit once I settled on the bottom. During one of these drops to the bottom, I bumped into something and a giant, dark blob took up nearly my entire field of vision when I opened my eyes.

At first, I thought it was an Alligator and I was a goner, but it turned out to be an equally startled manatee. I had no idea they could swim that fast. Most people don’t believe me, but it was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had. - j0s9p8h7


When I was 15 yo I was doing some babysitting for my parents friends for pocket money. I was babysitting this little girl one night. We were watching some kids movie in the living room.

This little girl was full of energy so she was jumping on the couch during the movie. I thought it would be better to let her spend her energy now so bedtime would be easier so I sat next to her during the movie just in case she stumbled or fell.

Everything was going fine until the moment I decided to get up to go to the bathroom. It kinda double jumped her trampoline style when I shifted my weight so she got much more air this time. The thing is, this couch was right next to a staircase going into the basement.

The railing was just behind us, leading to a 15-20 feet drop right to the bottom of the basements stairs. She got thrown right over the railing head first into the drop. I threw myself at her and caught her ankle at the last second.

I pulled her back into the couch and sat her down, asking her if she was okay. She just smiled at me and continued to watch the movie, seemingly unfazed by the fact that she almost died. In all honesty she probably didn't realize the danger she was in in that moment. Sometimes I still think about what would have happened if I hadn't catch her. - Stutters658


I swear that I was on a boat and saw a giant Ray (stingrays were around, although it looked bigger) launch itself out of the water, flip and go back down. It then did it again. As the person who saw it with me and I shouted, everyone else came over, and it never happened again, and I can’t find a YouTube of this behavior. I swear this happened, and it pisses me off I don’t have proof. - celoplyr


I charged at a grizzly bear. I let my dog outside one night while my husband was at work. The house we used to rent didn’t have lights in the backyard, so I would shine a flash light through the living room windows into the yard when he went out.

I was standing there watching my dog and he suddenly stopped and was staring at something. I whipped the flashlight in the direction he was looking, and less than 10ft from him was a grizzly bear staring down my dog, with only a flimsy chicken wire fence between them.

My mind quickly flashed to our safe upstairs and I knew I didn’t have enough time to get up there. So I ran outside towards the bear like a bridge troll, stomping, waving my arms to look big, blinding the bear with the flashlight, and yelled in the deepest and loudest voice I could muster. “Go away, bear! Leave him alone! Get out of here!”

The bear was shook and just darted off into the darkness. I ran down to my dog and swooped his a*s up and threw him inside and locked the door. In the same month, someone else in town had their dog killed by a bear when they let them outside at night. I’ve stopped telling people this story because no one believes I would actually charge at a bear or they think I’m insane, but I fucking love my dog. - GlitteryCaterpillar


I went to my first festival in 1991, watched the opener at 10 AM with 100 other mostly uninterested people, and did not think too much of it. Half a year later, the band was all over the hit-charts. The name of the group: Nirvana. - koermy


When I was at college, staying in halls of residence, I was putting a CD back in its case when I dropped it. The CD landed, not on the top, not on the shiny bottom, but on its SIDE, then continued to roll towards the open door, whereupon it took a sharp right, and continued in a perfectly straight line 40ft down the corridor, where it finally ended, shiny side down, in a pool of vomit someone had chundered up the night before. - Dr_Mijory_Marjorie


When I was in the 11th grade I was followed around by a crow. - Mataurin-the-turtle


I had a job interview in a town I never been in before. Got lost and decided to park the car and walked up to a random stranger, some old man I never seen before. Asked him where I can find “name of business.'

He politely tells me where to find it, and then says, “You’re welcome (MY FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME).' I never told him my first and last name, just asked for directions. I was dumbfounded, and he just chuckles and walks off into some store. I think back to it every so often, I have an uncommon name there’s no way you can even guess it. - ZoharTheWise


Saw someone get completely trampled by a deer - Hairy-Effort8219


I walked in on my cat peeing in the toilet. I walked in, my cat stopped for a second as we stared at each other in disbelief…my cat finished peeing then ran out hahahah. - autofeeling


I once saw a cat and a skunk startle one another, on opposite sides of a shed, and sprint around the corner...To smack into each other. - jamesja12

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