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16 people share what happened when they sent an R-rated text to the wrong person.

16 people share what happened when they sent an R-rated text to the wrong person.


Sending a dirty text of NSFW photo to a crush or significant other can already be a sensitive endeavor, but what happens when you hit 'send' before checking to see if the person you thought was your partner was actually your landlord?

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Ever sent a nude to the wrong person? What happened, how did they respond?' people who accidentally showed a more vulnerable side of themselves to the incorrect recipient were ready to reveal the humiliating and hilarious tale.


I was 26 at the time. Just shaved my junk. It was looking mighty presentable, so I decided the GF needed to see. I mistakenly sent it to my older brother. He replied with, 'I don't think that was meant for me.' I died a little inside. It was never spoken of again. - ianj2807


So a friend of mine (female) accidentally send one to her dad. He then responded with something like: 'I know that I have a beautiful daughter, but you should not send me nudes.' Very embarrassing for her, but a wholesome response from the father. - fallafel-love


My friend accidently sent his nude to his ex. He wanted to send it to his date. Two things happened. One, he got back together with her, they got married and are happy. The date was sleeping with other dudes. - Illustrious-Rice-168


My high school boyfriend's best friend sent me a dick pick. He was a great guy so I was horrified and I just sent back 'wtf.' He apologized profusely and said another girl whose name started with my same letter was supposed to get it but he hit my contact instead.

I didn't tell my bf for ages because I was so weirded out and when I finally did he was like 'Yeah I know, my friend told me immediately after it happened, I was just waiting to see how long it took you to tell me.' So, kinda funny? - Red_Fae_88


My ex told that she once send a picture of her butthole from up close to her mother. She answered 'Nice a*s' - akhatten


My mother, in her early 60s, took a selfie of herself in a French maid outfit, which was an apron and nothing else except her waving around a feather duster. She meant to send it to Al, her husband, but accidentally sent it to 'All'. Including my husband, myself, our daughters, my in-laws, and every single person in her extensive contact list. - Cheezel62


This was when email was still fairly new. I sent it to a guy friend. He saw immediately what had happened — I was dating a mutual friend with the same first name as him and what I wrote with the picture made it clear. He quickly deleted it and then sent me a note telling me what had happened: “Not that I ever mind naked pictures, but… [wink emoji]”

So, everything was good… except it wasn’t, it was horrible. Because he didn’t send ME that note, he sent it to a business acquaintance with the same first name as me. Ended up being MUCH worse for him. I ended up calling her. - Preposterous_punk


I accidentally sent a VERY explicit sext PARAGRAPH to one of my close girl friends instead of my partner before snapchat had the ability to delete I was forced to just let it happen…I sat with a pounding heart after spam texting not to read it and just swipe out. She read it. And then told me improvements I can make on my…wording. Tried my best to awkwardly laugh it off bc she dgaf but god was it embarrassing - kuchikopifr


I once had a boss ask to see a pic of my kids and when I pulled up my photos firts thing that popped up was me in bra and underwear for my weight loss progress pics I would take monthly, that was awkward!! We didn’t say a word both acted like it didnt happen - StockAd2638


A couple of years ago my actual girlfriend was on vacation with her family and sent a picture of her naked to my sister (instead of me) by mistake. I remember I was at a friends party and suddenly receive a text from my sister saying she had finally gathered the courage to tell me she was sorry for secretly having sex with my gf for a while and that she had taken a picture for proof, attaching it to the message. I was slightly stoned but enough to believe to everything, for hours; until I realized the picture was a selfie taken in front of a mirror. - Traditional-Dirt1616


Not me but my wife. She has sent a very explicit nude of hers to her mother instead of me. End result; 'Masallah, you're beautiful' as response from my mother-in-law, then similar responses from her sisters and sisters-in-law because yeah, her mother forwarded it. - zztri


Happened with one of my exes. She gotta new phone and was updating her contacts. she chose my dirty pic as her temporary profile pic for when I called. I was at work while she was getting her gallbladder taken out. started to worry because she should've been in post-op and almost discharged by then.

So I kept calling and it would ring twice then straight to voice-mail. redial. ring once, straight to voice-mail. redial 2 more times...straight to voice-mail. Turns out her mom had her belongings and my angry b*ner kept saying hello, up close and personal, over and over. Family dinners were awkward for a while after that. - DumbWagon


Sent a pic to my family whatsapp group instead of my girlfriend who requested it. I got a lot of laughs from my sisters, a well done from my father and not a single word from my mother who to this day denies it happened. It was a horrible experience - Loud_Essay_7286


I did once some years back. I (f) sent a snap to (f co-worker). I had absolutely no idea until I got a snap from her telling me I looked nice and asked if she was supposed to return the favor.

Told her it was completely up to her but it was an accident! She sent me one back anyways. We left it at that and we would bring it up every once in a while and just giggle about it. Haven't seen her since I left that job but this question definitely brought this memory back lol - MistressManor


I was meaning to text my boyfriend the picture, but must have still been in the iMessage chat to my dad at the time, and sent it without checking. Seeing that the nude had been texted to my dad, I immediately called him — I was going to ask him to delete the pictures, and that they were inappropriate and were supposed to go to my boyfriend.

That way he wouldn’t see the images themselves; he would just know I had taken nudes. Somehow, by the grace of God, my SISTER answered his phone, as she was living at home at the time.

I begged her for help, and she was able to delete the images off his phone. My dad never knew the incident ever occurred. I asked my sister how I could repay her, and she asked me to never ever bring it up again. I owe her one, eternally! - sjohns90


Not a nude but I accidentally sexted my Boss thinking I was talking to my Husband. He send back “ I don’t think this was meant for me” I sent him the biggest apology ever and we never spoke about it ever. - Livinginthemiddle

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