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16 people share the worst example of 'rich kid syndrome' they ever witnessed.

16 people share the worst example of 'rich kid syndrome' they ever witnessed.


People who grow up in a castle of privilege can sometimes be hilariously tone-deaf about how the world works when you can't just hop in a private jet whenever you're craving a brunch in Mykonos...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the worst case of 'rich kid syndrome' you've seen?' people were ready to share the most entitled examples of bratty and spoiled people showing their true colors in the wild.


Was a RA in college. One of my residents was a rich freshman from Rhode Island. He lives on an island and takes a ferry into town. Anyways, his first week, he asked if there was fresh water available in the shower.

I didn't understand what he meant, but apparently he didn't like showering with city water and didn't realize it was everywhere he went. I was so shocked and didn't know what to say that I suggested he used water bottles to clean him. Yeah, he didn't last long. - elsani




Back in middle school when flip phones/razors were in , a friend asked to use my phone to call his parents cause his died. I hesitated but then I handed him my Nokia block phone. He looked at it and was like 'what the hell is that?' laughed and walked away. What a d*ck. - SpartanSaiyan


Went to visit a friend at university, Queen's University, and they were all known for being spoiled brats. We're at his student house with his roommates, I introduce myself and say what's up.

His one roommate looks at me, looks down, looks back up at me and asks 'Are those knock off Sperry's?' of course they were being the broke-ass college student I was, so I told him yes and he just goes 'WOW...' and walks away. Kid never said another word to me the rest of the weekend. - williamiafano


Fraternity did a pledge event in which we were placed in a limo. Normal Friend: 'Wow, this is awesome! I've never been in a limo before!' Rich Kid Syndrome Friend: 'Haven't you ever been to the airport??' - AndTheDrumsGoOn


I used to work at a wholesale kitchen appliance distributor. It was a multi-million dollar company. The CEO's daughter was my age (23 at the time) and would often come shoot the shit with us in sales. She had a highrise condo by herself downtown, worth about $300,000.

After I left, I bumped into one of my old coworkers and she came up in our conversation. I asked how she was doing, and my coworker informed me that daddy bought her another highrise condo, which was directly across from her current condo, and the only other condo on that floor. Why did she get 2 highrise condos? Well, she wanted the floor to herself.

I kinda felt sorry for her because she was an only child and didn't have many friends. She'd also never had a boyfriend in her life. She confided this in me when we were talking alone one time, and said all the guys she tries to date are intimidated by her family's wealth. Looking back now, I think she might have been coming onto me. I still regret not asking her out... - Primitive_Teabagger


Once when I was at a camp, me and a few other kids were playing a game. Kids from a different part of the camp came over and told us to leave. We replied that we were there first. One of them replied 'yeah but does your dad have a helicopter' - P0litikz420


My cousin is just graduated from high school last year. His parents are big time real estate agents in our hometown, like they both probably clear $1 million a year easily. So my cousin goes off to college and gets busted for public drunkenness and resisting arrest his first semester.

Gets expelled from school, starts bumming off his folks for money. His dad just bought him a brand new Range Rover last weekend as a 'reward for learning from his mistakes and staying positive when the law targeted him' - NC_DE336


My suite mate freshman year of college would pay me, my roommate and his roommate to his chores for him every couple of weeks. He literally gave me $20 for making his bed. - frostyaznguy


Dude would stand in a club and rip up bills of 10 euro yelling 'this is nothing to me!'. Okay, how about just giving away beer instead of antagonizing anyone in sight. - [deleted]


A kid in my graduating high school class was very wealthy. His parents bought him a Land Rover when he was 16 and he crashed it into a school bus. They bought him another Land Rover and he lost it street racing. Guess what? They bought him a Mercedes. - NordyNed


'Hey guys please help? Which car should I get, I want a lot but daddy will only buy me one.' This was posted to Facebook by a tinder match. Yeah I'd rather not go there. - valtran101


I volunteer for Burning Man, which happens to attract some of the worst trustafarians I have ever seen. People who claim to live bohemian lifestyles of art and magic, that also have unending parental support for their magical globetrotting adventure.

It's frustrating, because these people live in the most sheltered bubble of all. I can't even begin to describe how infuriating it is to deal with folks who can drop $50,000 on a week at a festival. - [deleted]


Girl in my highschool physics class offering her brand new iphone to be destroyed in an experiment because 'my dad will just buy me a new one'. She had it for like 1 week. - [deleted]

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