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18 people share the absolute dumbest question they were ever genuinely asked.

18 people share the absolute dumbest question they were ever genuinely asked.


'There's no such thing as a dumb question,' but some people might beg to differ...

Sometimes as the hilariously idiotic words are leaving our lips, it's tempting to fantasize about ditching society and becoming a cave-dwelling hermit. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the dumbest question someone legitimately asked you?'


(Looking at her sandwich) What animal does turkey come from? - nighthawkcoupe


If you had a heart transplant, would your memories go away? - Doffy-Mingo


My own sister asked me how we were related to my grandparents - noahtherichman


Boss: 'Could you print out that file, scan it, and email it to me?'

Me: 'I could just email it to you.'

Boss: ... - -SkaffenAmtiskaw-


In grade 10 science a girl argued vehemently with our teacher that zebras were a mythical creature, like a unicorn. After asking why they paint the stripes on the horses for the nature videos. I assure you, it was not a troll. - LOIL99


One day one of my students said “Ew, I have to work today.” To which I replied, “So do I.” He looked at me and asked, honestly, “Oh really? Where do you work?” “Here...I work here...right where I am standing. I don’t do this as a service to your parents.” - BrainPainn


I had someone ask me to find them a photo of thunder once. - YouKnowYourCrazy


A coworker at the library was asked for aerial photos of the Colosseum in Rome. Before it was in ruins. - enfanta


As a cashier: 'Why is my ice cream cake melting!?' It was the summer and 100°F outside, it was 80°F inside - ef6697


My eyes are two different colors, and the question I'm most often asked about them is , 'Did you know your eyes are two different colors?' I'm amused when someone asks me whether I see different colors out of each eye, or - even better - whether I 'see in 3D.' - MelilDeMolihua


I used to be a cast member at a rennaisance faire, and we did fairly historic reenactment, right down to the wood burning oven at our village inn. I once had a grown man ask me if the fire in the fire pit was real, and what would happen if he stuck his hand in it. - lebaneseblondechick


I was weighing a patient, and she asked me if it measured in Celsius. - Jamochajon


Someone asked me at work if this mirror was expired because it had a manufactured date on the back.... - TrynUrLuck


Had a customer ask if she could pay her bill over the phone. I asked what kind of credit She wanted to pay cash over the phone. - busykim


An American once asked me to say something in my ‘native tongue.' I’m Australian. F*ck off you dopey c*nt. - Klymizz


How long did it take you to drive from Australia - to America? I've been asked this twice. I wish I could say I had a witty response, but my brain froze as it tried to compute the stupidity of the question. - ecodrew


A girl asked me if honey came from bears. I’ll never forget it. - GxRandy


About 25 years ago I was explaining time zones to a 20ish year old intern at a large scientific agency. She wasn't getting it, so I got an orange I brought for lunch and used it as the Earth.

Me: Ok, pretend this is the Earth. The sun only shines on one side, so it's day on approximately half at any given time. Now since the Earth rotates (as I spin the orange)...

Intern: So wait. Hold on. So you're saying the Earth is round? I wish I was joking. - NittanyJim

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