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17 people share the hardest 'would you rather' question they've ever been asked.

17 people share the hardest 'would you rather' question they've ever been asked.


A beautifully complex, outrageous, or deeply disgusting 'Would You Rather' question can rapidly turn a boring family event into an exciting, heated debate...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the hardest 'would you rather' question you've ever been asked?' people were ready to share the most difficult, hilarious, or awkward choice they've ever had to make in one of life's most popular party games.


Would you rather never enjoy music again, or never enjoy food again? - rocketsnail1000


Would you rather have denim skin, or live in a bag of milk? This was asked at a party in college and I still think about it 10 years later. - HorseGirl666


Would you rather know how you are going to die or when you are going to die? - Healthy_Mycologist37


Would you rather be slightly thirsty no matter how much you drink or slightly tired no matter how much you sleep? - 81KZ


Would you rather be completely immortal or die right now? Immortality seems cool at first glance, but knowing you will eventually experience the heat death of the universe for trillions of years is terrifying. - apandarelic


Would you rather have 4 hands or 4 feet - Deriniere


Would you rather eat a spoonful of ice cream that tastes like sh*t or a cappuccino spoon of sh*t that tastes like ice cream? - Bi_Aint_Shi


Fluent in all languages or master of every instrument? - sullymcsulsul


Would you rather have super speed but only backwards or…be able to teleport but it’s completely random and you have no say in where you go - TooYoungToBeThisOld1


Would you rather have gills for lungs or scales over your entire body? - Back2Bach


Would you rather drink a glass of someone else’s spit or someone else’s sweat? - buttsofglory


'Would you rather find a person or 1,000 cockroaches in your attic?' - Meherman09


Would you rather have legs as long as your fingers, or fingers as long as your legs - HowardBass


Would you rather be constantly sticky all over your entire body, forever. Or constantly itchy all over your entire body, forever. I simply cannot choose. - MaritimeMartian


Would you rather have the ability to effortlessly run at 100 mph, or fly at 10 mph? - MyGoodFriendJon


Would you rather live the life your parents wanted you to live or live the life you thought you wanted as a kid? - halfeb


Would you rather have a horizontal butt crack or a vertical mouth? - i_hate_buying_light

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