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17 people share the worst case of attention-seeking they've ever witnessed.

17 people share the worst case of attention-seeking they've ever witnessed.


We all deserve a self-indulgent moment in the spotlight sometimes, but the lengths some people will go to suck the energy out of a room can be hilariously jarring...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the worst case of attention-seeking you've ever seen?' people were ready to share.


People posting photos of themselves giving money to the people who are experiencing homelessness. - scaryclownzinmyhouse


I went to high school (250 students total) with this kid who was a bit of a loner and had a reputation for being a pathological liar. In college, my friends and I began to notice these beautiful girls writing to him on his facebook wall. At first, it struck us as odd, but we left it alone.

As weeks passed, our news feeds continued to be flooded with new girls we had never heard of flirting with him, so we started to get curious (some of us have known this kid our entire lives, and we could count the number of times he spoke to girls on one hand).

We later discovered that he had created 30-40 fake facebook profiles with completely fabricated backstories and stole pictures of real women he found on the internet. He would carry out conversations with himself by posting from all the fake female accounts multiple times a day on his wall about fake parties, hang outs, etc. and respond from his own account. - boomshey07


People who pay for followers on Instagram... why? - beautyanddelusion


My cousin died in a motorcycle crash 4 years ago. At his funeral, my insane aunt decided that would be a good time and place to promote her sh*tty children's book IN FRONT OF HIS F*CKING CASKET.

People were trying to pay their respects and she's trying to stop every person in the church to sell them her book. She was escorted out of the church after that. She's not invited to family gatherings very often anymore. - -eons-


In high school a hot girl went to england for a month and came back with a very slight british accent, which I guess was understandable.

Another girl, who had been getting most of the male attention while the hotter girl was gone, started talking in an extreme british accent. She said she couldn't stop, that it was just happening. We all knew why she was doing it though. - PLeb5


This girl in middle school fainted once because she was dehydrated and everyone went to her side. So she started fake fainting to get out of tests and for attention - [deleted]


An ex-friend of mine once group messaged 20 people asking for help and advil because she was in pain. This was common, also everyone had already cut ties with her for being a horrible, manipulative person (long story). When nobody responded in 20 minutes, she followed it up with 'I might have cancer guys.' - StePK


My mother is the f*ckin' world champ of seeking attention! Among many examples, this one is by far the most egregious:

We were attending my aunt's wedding (so her sister's wedding) six or so years ago, and my mum was a bridesmaid. Here is the bullsh*t she got up to:

Loudly complained (several times) that my aunt shouldn't be the one getting married since my aunt had been married before and she hadn't. Got incredibly drunk before the ceremony and spent the entire ceremony giggling and fidgeting.

(This is the pièce de résistance) Literally shit herself while they were taking the wedding photos. I'm not even kidding. Didn't mention she needed to go, didn't ask to be excused - she just sh*t herself and then when my aunt was like, 'What the f*ck?!' my mum said it was my aunt's fault because the photos were taking too long.

So yeah, she made her own little sister cry at her wedding. Now she wonders why the rest of the family doesn't want to spend time with her. - Chet_Awesomelad


I bullied myself on an alternative forum account - theguy_445


My sister eloped one week before my wedding that I had been planning for about a year. - Allodoxia


Went to a Christmas party hosted by a woman I was in school with and semi-dating. She was doing the social butterfly thing, but at one point, as the ebb and flow happened, she found herself without anyone talking to her.

I watched her deliberately drop her wine glass, which shattered, and suddenly 4 or 5 guys came to her 'rescue'. I noped on out of that relationship. - I0I0I0I


You know how young children (usually preschoolers) will tend to be the mother hen of a group of other children and constantly over-correct and nag at them in order to feel bigger and more important? It's usually some kind of developmental thing I see happen often, usually in 3-4 year old girls with little siblings.

I have a nearly 30 year old cousin who never stopped doing this, and it is like nails on the chalkboard of my mind. If you paraphrase something that happened on the news, she'll overhear and shrill 'ACTUALLY, they said ____.' Or if you're telling a story about something that happened, she'll correct your grammar even if nothing is wrong with it.

She always has to have the last word in every single conversation, complete with interrupting you while you are speaking. She also tries to pick fights in social situations like a preteen girl, repeating something awkward you may have said earlier super loudly on 'accident' in front of others, complete with a smirk/fake shocked expression. It's just awful and does this to every woman she encounters. - KickstartOrange


It was a couple of years ago, but there was this whole news story about these parents who had a weather balloon in their back yard, and supposedly one of their kids had gotten into the balloon and set it off. The parents were all worried because their kid was supposedly in the balloon.

Well once the balloon eventually landed, there was no kid, and it turns out that the kid was 'hiding' in their basement the whole time. It was later figured out that it was all a hoax, and that the parents did it to get attention - ImNotAnEgg


People posting pics on facebook/instagram etc and saying 'I look sooo ugly in this omg' - [deleted]


My friend's wife died unexpectedly. His mother immediately began posting photos on Facebook of him having clearly cried himself to sleep, tissues strewn on the pillow, face streaked with tears.

Captioned them with sh*t like 'So SaD mIsSiNg WiFeY I gOt U BaBee Boi' Pictures of the pets and captions about how sad they were too. Photos of her posing at her dead daughter-in-law's gravesite, etc.

She eventually began posting several times a day thanking God for giving her the opportunity to help her son raise her grandkids. I'm surprised she didn't lick the tears from his eyes. It was sick. - Balloonflewaway


My cousin's girlfriend's son decided he wanted to play guitar and sing a song at my dad's funeral. No one else was playing music or singing. He gets up halfway through the funeral and starts singing. He's horrible. At the end of his song he actually plugged his 'New CD' that he just so happened to have a bunch of copies of in his car. What a sh*tlord. - Ser_Bron


A girl I matched with on tinder posted a pic of herself in a thong with the caption 'My grandma just died - rhg4

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