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17 pranksters share the funniest ways they harmlessly mess with people.

17 pranksters share the funniest ways they harmlessly mess with people.


Executing the perfect practical joke requires planning and skill, but when it goes off without a hitch and the target of the prank still finds it funny, it's a true win for the books...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What are some harmless ways to f*ck with people?' people were ready to share the funniest ways they've messed with strangers, friends, coworkers, or family members. Who doesn't love a victim-less little prank?


I saw someone on Facebook comment on a picture that 'The three of you look great!'. There were 4 people in the picture. - axehind


The movie theater in my town is usually mostly empty. There's been a couple of times when I've come in to get seated and there's literally only one other person in my auditorium. There's an evil part of me that wants to just go sit right next to them. Not illegal, but it should be. - matt314159


Looking at a non reflective surface and doing stuff like fixing your hair and checking if there's something in your teeth - farehar458


When having a conversation during a meal, specifically only ask questions to people that are chewing. - humble_Rufus


After giving a compliment, say “no offense” and watch them struggle to find the non-existent insult. - 22demerathd


Don't turn around when you walk into an elevator - Reviewingremy


Carefully step over a non-existing obstacle. - IWant2rideMyBike


I put a tiny piece of masking tape over my co-worker’s mouse laser on April fool’s day one year, wrote “April fool’s” on it. He troubleshot every single thing except examining the mouse. He eventually called IT who simply turned the mouse over and pointed it out to him. - Swedish-Butt-Whistle


It works best if you are standing, but use your judgment; gradually lower the volume of your voice. Others will match your volume and they tend to move closer. Wait for your moment and just start speaking in a normal or slightly louder than normal voice. - coprolite_hobbyist


I am in a decades-long prank war involving the hiding of small unwanted objects. Sometimes I'll be doing something months later and get a text with a picture of the object accompanied by a 'you bastard.' - Glitter_puke


If I know someone is walking a little ways behind me and I turn a corner with nobody else around I like to run 10-20 steps to widen the gap and then laugh to myself thinking that the person behind me will be confused. I doubt anyone ever notices but I get a kick out of it every time. - Shea_J


When driving I like to wave at random people as if I knew them. Hilarious to see instant confusion on their faces - thattjuliett


When you shake someone's hand, move yours left to right. As they do the traditional up and down, a hilarious circle ensues. - spinozasrobot


Ask, 'What was your (or your wife's/husband's/sister's/etc...) name again?' After they answer I shake my head and say, 'No... that's not it.' - sakacig240


I'm a huge fan of just handing somebody something without any explanation and walking away. - saben1te


When at work, tell someone: I’m going to the bathroom do you need anything? - whatislife4


Buy a set of “Voice Activated” or “Motion Activated” stickers from Amazon, and the possibilities are endless - beam_me_up_MFer

Sources: Reddit
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