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18 people share the best non-sexual physical feeling they've ever experienced.

18 people share the best non-sexual physical feeling they've ever experienced.


Sitting down after working on your feet all day, 8 or more hours of uninterrupted sleep, the perfect sneeze when you have seasonal allergies--having a human body isn't always a burden....

So, when Reddit user asked, 'What is the best non-sexual physical feeling you’ve ever felt?' people were ready share the best platonic and fully clothed sensations they've ever experienced.


The feeling of water leaving your ear after being there all day. - Apprehensive_Bet_438


Stretching and feeling nearly the entire length of my spine cracking - HighFiveKoala


Scratching the absolute sh*t out of a mosquito bite - RadiantBit7776


Q-tip in ear - BlitzySlash


My old apartment had a window in the shower. In the winter, when I'd get in and get it all hot and steamy, I'd crack the window. The rush of the cold air mixed with the hot steam for some reason was the most satisfying feeling of my whole life. - classictom


Waking past 300 people waiting airport security to an empty pre-check line. Atlanta airport in April. It was truly the most bliss I felt in 3 years. - Technical_Ad_3260


The wind on your face riding a bike somewhere scenic - yaboifrenkeifah


Surfing a super glassy wave with a perfect offshore breeze. - Tac0Tuesday


Events getting cancelled. I have anxiety haha. - Co-Rumination


That serious itch in the middle of your back that someone scratches for you - New_Progress_1462


When you have had a sore throat for 3 days and you wake up and it’s finally gone. - Xaxxus


A mid-day nap on a breezy summer day with the windows open - zkentvt


When you’ve been up for 20 hours+ and finally get into bed and you just know it’ll be the best sleep of your life - Ok_Sprinkles_8777


Right after a migraine goes away. It's almost a spiritual experience. - LarryLongBalls_


I had a cast and splint on both my legs for 2 months. When they cut it off, they scratched my legs for me and the itch was just top notch! Yeah - Existing-Seat5962


Climbing into a bed with warm, clean sheets after showering and shaving. - Working_Disaster5543


Right when you tip over the edge going down on a roller coaster, lifting out of the seat slightly and floating for a second feels unreal. - Ladyycydonia


Sneezing when you're sick. Then you get that about 20 second feeling of breathing through your nose again and you like ahh that's what I aspire to at the moment. - Sanguiniutron

Sources: Reddit
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