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Aunt leaves nipple ring on table, niece with pica tries to eat it, mother blames aunt.

Aunt leaves nipple ring on table, niece with pica tries to eat it, mother blames aunt.


When this woman is upset with her sister and niece, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for leaving my jewellery on my bedside locker without notifying my niece what it was?'

I'm 19f, my sister is nearly 25 years older than me and I have a niece, Katie who i get along great with, she's 16. She has pica and is particularly drawn to metal. I have a over 30 piercings on my ears, face and body.

I've often left jewellery on my table or desk or wherever around my room. It's happened on more than one occasion that Katie has ended up with a piece of my body jewellery in her mouth, which I find gross but most of the time it's just been some stainless steel piece that cost me £2 so it didn't bother me.

I got my nipples done for my 18th birthday and this year my boyfriend gifted me a gorgeous BVLA set for them that I put in last night. I left the plain titanium jewellery on my bedside locker, intending to clean them but kind of forgot and left them there until today.

Katie came over and asked if she could grab my charger and I told her it was in my room. She got it and it wasn't until an hour later that I noticed something was in her mouth and asked her where she got it.

She looked a little embarrassed but answered with it was on my bedside table and the urge to chew took over.

I casually said, 'that was in my nipple, and I haven't cleaned that in a long time.' And she just lost her shit. Like actually started screaming.

She was saying it was my fault leaving it where she could get at it, that I should've cleaned it, that it was gross to leave it out and that I shouldn't have told her because I knew itd upset her.

I casually told her to fuck off away from me and she did but my sister texted me saying I'm a massive asshole, that I should have said casually hey my nipple bar is on the table don't eat it etc.

I don't really think I'm the asshole here but my parents are on my nieces and sisters side. AITA?

Let's find out.

djincongo writes:

NTA. What on earth is she chewing on someone else’s piercings for. That should only be done with consent preferably while they’re still in.

cygnata writes:

I have pica. Here's the thing: It doesn't turn you into a mindless chewing zombie!

I like to chew on softer plastics. SO I HAVE CHEWLERY I CAN GNAW ON. The niece can GET metal chew toys. YES, it's a compulsion. But just like people can learn to keep their d*cks in their pants when they see someone attractive, so can pica sufferers learn to only chew on acceptable items.

She got what she deserved, for stealing your nipple bars. She needs to learn that she could get VERY sick if she DOESN'T learn to redirect her chewing to appropriate objects.

OP, you are very much NTA.

Well, looks like OP is not TA. Or should she have known this would happen? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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