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Woman wants to sue father shortly after her mother's death, says 'she has her reasons.'

Woman wants to sue father shortly after her mother's death, says 'she has her reasons.'


When this daughter is upset with her father, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for suing my father for the damage done to my house by his dogs?'

My (F31) mom passed away last year. My dad (56) married a woman (37) with a son (16) about six months later. I think that the age difference is a bit much but she is nearly 40 so it's not like he's robbing the cradle.

Whenever my parents went away I would always watch their dogs. They weren't the dogs that I grew up with but they are good puppies.

My mom would always call and let me know well in advance that they were going away ai I would make sure that either myself or my boyfriend would be around pretty quick after the pups got dropped off. They could behave themselves for a few hours and I would leave water out for them.

I do not have any pets myself. My work can involve travel and my boyfriend works out of town for two weeks and then has two weeks off.

Well my dad and his new wife decided to go on a trip. But since it was never his responsibility he didn't call. I was out of town. My boyfriend was working. My dad has a key to my house for emergencies and dropping off the dogs.

My neighbor called me a day later about the dogs howling in my house to see if everything was okay.

I called my dad and he told me that he didn't know I was out of town. I said that if he didn't come get them I was calling animal control. So he had his new stepson come to my house to get the dogs.

I have no idea why a 16 year old kid who was trusted to stay home by himself could not just have watched the dogs in the first place.

When I got home I found a disaster area.Dog crap and pee everywhere. I don't want to describe everything because it makes me angry.

To get everything that could be cleaned done and to replace my boyfriend's leather recliner, which was old but also destroyed, cost about $7,000.

I told my dad I expected him to pay for everything. He said that he would see if his homeowner's insurance would cover it. They will but the deductible is a lot. And his premiums will go up.

So he said that he would take care of it. It's been a few months and I am sick of waiting. The limit for small claims court in my state is more than double what I want. So I am suing him.

He was served and called me to complain. He doesn't have the money because he just bought a new car. He bought the car after my house got destroyed. I feel no pity.

But his wife and him keep trying to talk me out of pursuing this. They said that my dad paid for a good chunk of my student debt and that I owe him.

Him and my mom did pay off about $10,000 of my student debt. And I was grateful. It is one of the reasons I had no problem dog-sitting for free.

But he says that if I take this money then he will not have money for things at his house.

He isn't retired. And my mom had life insurance. aita?

Let's find out.

heavysand8999 writes:

NTA and it’s vital to hold firm and not let them sway you here. He had MONTHS to pay you back and instead bought a car? His negligence resulted in damage to your property. He should absolutely be paying for everything and his financial irresponsibility is not your problem.

evilfinch78 writes:

To think that he not even asked if OP can dogsit. The audacity to let themself in, throw the dogs in the house as a surprise and that's it.

No notice how long or so. And the son was at home! Why couldn't he care about the dogs? And to complain that they have no money because he bought a car. WTF?! NTA sue his ass and never do him a favor again!

Looks like OP was right to do what she did! How else can she get back at her dad?

Sources: Reddit
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