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Bride asks if she was wrong to expect more from 25-person bachelorette party.

Bride asks if she was wrong to expect more from 25-person bachelorette party.


Getting married can be super stressful, so sometimes it's okay if the bride gets a bit out of control. But when does a stressed out bride turn into a straight up bridezilla? When this bride gets mad because her bachelorette party isn't up to her standards, she takes to the popuar Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for having high expectations for my bachelorette party?'

I (25F) am getting married to my wonderful fiancé (31m) this fall. A week ago I had a bachelorette party. While most girls dream of their weddings, I dreamt about my bachelorette weekend. I put a lot of planning into this weekend, made a lot of phone calls, reservations, everything basically. - throwawayaita284

Okay, seems like this bride is pretty normal so far.

For Thursday night - Sunday morning me and 25 of my closest girlfriends rented a house. From the start it was a disaster. I had told my girls to get to the house early on Thursday so they could decorate and set up before I got there.

Well I got to the house at 3 and they weren’t done decorating so that bummed me out because I wanted that “WOW!” moment when I came in and saw the set up. I felt robbed but we still had a decent first night. I'm on the fence about OP.

FrIday I woke everyone up at 7am to make breakfast and get ready because we had a packed day - vineyards, boat, lunch, happy hour drinks, then dinner and the clubs. I was getting shaded on all afternoon because people said they were being rushed from place to place and had to carry changes of clothes all day but we only had limited time in this city and I wanted to make the most of it.

Okay, now I'm glad I wasn't invited.

Saturday was worse. We had brunch at 9am and no one was awake in time so it only ended up being me and a few loyal bridesmaids. We went shopping after for a few hours and when we got back to the house no one was even apologetic even though I was close to tears all day.

The last straw for me was later that night when we were going to dinner and nobody was wearing the matching shirts we got for the weekend.

People wanted to wear their own stuff but that’s not what we agreed on even though my MOH notified everyone. At that point I said fuck it this weekend was ruined and locked myself in my room to cry. It was even worse when I came out a few hours later and half the girls had gone out anyway (without me, AKA the actual bride).

I ended up driving home early on Sunday and left the house a mess for the girls to pick up because I was so upset. Now it’s been almost a week, no one has really texted me except some bridesmaids and MOH.

I know I sound bridezilla-ish. But these are supposed to be my friends and we were supposed to celebrate me all weekend and I felt neglected and I’m just really upset. I understand these expectations may seem like a lot but i made my expectations clear to the group and they just let me down so bad. Tell me AITA?

Well, let's see what Reddit had to say. Is this bride to be TA?

YTA for all the control and then running off crying. No, you can't control 25 other women. Your expectations were too high. Also who has 25 friends? This seems like some sorority craziness. - Ismyhairshiny

Brunch at 9am (that’s just breakfast lol) after being up at 7 the morning before and having a full day, especially with drinking? F*** no. YTA, OP. Get a better attitude - mktyrell

YTA. 25 people is not your “closest friends”, that’s a large group of acquaintances which also includes your closest friends. I guarantee you that not all of them consider you to be their best friend. Yes, you do sound like a Bridezilla. -kerostasis

And one Reddit user left this zinger.

A friend of mine once said the real miracle of Jesus Christ was that he had 12 close friends in his 30’s. -bearwillbefine

Well, there you have it. This woman is a complete AH. The lesson here? If you get invited to a 25 person bachelorette, you might want to opt out!

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