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17 people share dirt about the most spoiled person they've ever met.

17 people share dirt about the most spoiled person they've ever met.


No one is a fan of a spoiled brat. And yet... so many people end up ridiculously entitled. What can we do about it? Laugh at them.

The popular AskReddit forum is a great place for frustrated poeple to vent about their experiences (usually other people). When users asked, 'Who is the most spoiled person you know and why?' and 'What screams 'I'm an entitled POS'?' Redditors were all too happy to share. Enjoy!


Girl I went to college whose parents paid her a 'salary' which was more than I earned in my job. She then used to tell her parents she needed extra money for course books and go spend it on booze.

Her parents didn't want her to work because it would interfere with her studies. She got f*cked up so much on booze and drugs that she ended up dropping out of college and then they bought her a flat to live in. - a_pomeranian_bowling


Last week, this lady at Whole Foods put her cart at the entrance to a checkout line, and left to go grab some more items. She was flabbergasted when she came back two minutes later to find that you cannot in fact block off a lane for yourself. - _PyramidHead_


My college roommate and former best friend. Grew up spoiled as an only child. Huge 5 bed house for the 3 of them, fancy truck to play with with bells and whistles, daddy's credit card. When I got engaged I asked her to be my maid of honor, and she told me no because she couldn't approve of my marriage.

The reason? He didn't have a bachelor's degree, so she was just certain that we couldn't be happy. 8 years, 2 kids later... I'm still poor, but very happy and have my smoking hot karate instructor husband who turned out to be a much better deal than making a spoiled princess happy. - [deleted]


My brother. He has this notion that because he's adopted our parents 'owe him' forever. He treats them like garbage and they do all they can to help him and his son. He's a 27 year old man child and I can't stand him. And in case anyone's curious, I'm adopted too though we're not related by blood. I love my parents and just see them as normal parents. - Photon_butterfly


I used to work in a movie theater. I saw a little girl collect her garbage to throw away, her mother saw too and said 'No, just drop that on the floor. They have people for that.' - AldenDi


This kid I went to highschool with got a porsche for his 16th birthday. Keep in mind 16 in my state is when you can get a permit, so he didn't even have a license. He got a new one later in highschool after backing out into a tree. He basically was handed admission to an Ivy league school because his grandparents had donated a building. - mygawd


Queen Latifa tried to cut to the front of a hour long line at the Batman ride at 6 Flags when I was a kid. 50 people started talking sh*t to her a booing her. She got out of line after that, it was hilarious. - SeeYouOn16


There's a little shit of a kid next door. Parents are those new age parents. Real hands on parenting. No one is better than Dylan. He's 11 and has a PS4, XBox One, drum kit, guitar and his parents for the last five years have sent him to Barcelona for a football camp. He walks around like Lord Muck. Has one of those resting smug faces. I hate him. I'm a 25 year old male. - fedupofbrick


Let me tell you about 'Rebecca'. Rebecca is in college getting her undergrad. She's currently 24, but cannot pass most of her undergrad classes. She has stated multiple times to multiple people that she expects the university she attends to pay for her DOCTORATE degree that she will complete by the time she is 26. A doctorate degree in two years without being able to pass undergrad classes? Okay.

She emailed the same university (literally emailed [university]@emailaddress) to request them to buy a multi million dollar mansion for her so she can start an orphanage. She sent links of said mansion with the email.

When she didn't get any results from the university she email Harvard wanting to apply. She posted the email on SnapChat and the first line read something like, 'I know I don't have the best grades but I would be a great addition to the community!' Harvard has not responded.

Her mom bought her a very large house in a nice neighborhood so she could get away from her 'controlling' boyfriend. He asked her to get a job to pay her part of the bills so she begged her mom to buy her this house. - poppycocklovegood


On his birthday, one of the 18yr old students received a chain of hotels. A fully operating 5* chain that would all be officially owned under his name. The nerve of this kid to complain it wasn't what he wanted made me really resent working there for a while. - MakeshiftBrowncoat


Snapping or whistling for service at a bar... F*ck those people. - UncensoredChef


When my cousin, Kelly, was in high school she asked my uncle what they were having for dinner. He told her there was food in the fridge she could make. Kelly legitimately replied, 'I don't eat food from the grocery store.' My uncle also got up early every morning to go to Starbucks and have drinks waiting for Kelly and her sisters when they woke up. - [deleted]


'PLACE THE ITEM IN THE BAGGING AREA' F*ck you, entitled point-of-sale machine, I don't want to bag my f*cking 10 kg bag of cat food. - Roarlord


There was a kid in my fraternity whose parents were literally billionaires. We actually had a couple of them but this kid was just dumb rich. For making the deans list one semester, his parents let him get any car he wanted under $100,000. Kid got pissed because the package he wanted on his Jaguar F Type made it over 100k and his parents said fine after enough protest. At least I got to drive it sometimes though. Sick car. - jhpb93


About five years ago at my job, a woman came in with her teenaged daughter and they both ordered grilled cheese sandwiches with fries. I took them their sandwiches and everything was fine. A little while later I went back to the table to ask 'how is everything' only to be greeted by one of the most ridiculous sights I've ever seen.

This woman has taken every single fry off of her plate and lined them up on the table, and counted them. She tells me that her daughter has more fries than her and she wants me to go back and get her another grilled cheese that has 'more than fifteen french fries' (the fries at that place were big thick steak fries). I was so baffled but I just went and got her another side of fries.


Once had a military wife, without her military husband present, get upset and bitchy when I wouldn't extend the military discount to her parents. The discount is for those who are serving or who served. Extending it to dependents was a courtesy we did. But we don't extend it to people who just happened to be related to someone who married a service member. - Toukotai


I work retail, and my store is closing. Earlier today, I had a never-ending line of people, and one lady finished off a gift card. She knew she wouldn't be back, so she left it with me to use on the next customer.

Next customer comes up, and the gift card covered her whole order. Looking at the receipt after, she noticed the lime she bought was 50 cents each instead of 30 cents. Held up the line demanding the 20 cents on limes that SHE DIDN'T EVEN PAY A CENT FOR HERSELF. You can't make this sh*t up. - vanillachaide

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