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Employee gets moved to first class; asks if it was wrong to leave coworker in coach.

Employee gets moved to first class; asks if it was wrong to leave coworker in coach.


When this woman is torn about her upgrade, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for boarding first class when my coworker was in coach?'

So my coworker (F& F) and I were flying together and As we were waiting in line, I was bumped to First Class. I at first was torn as to what to do because my coworker and I were going to be seated together in Coach.

After thinking about it, I decided to board first class. I did ask the airline crew if she could be bumped as well, but they couldn’t accommodate because the flight was full.

I told my coworker I was going to take the First Class seats. She was fine with it, but when we got off she told me that I shouldn’t have taken the seats and stayed in coach with her.

She told me she would have stayed in coach if the roles were reversed and that she doesn’t even know why I got upgraded and not her. She’s been colder towards me since.

When I was talking to my husband he said that I shouldn’t have anything to worry about, but my sister said that I should have stayed in coach and I’m TA.

AITA for accepting ab upgraded seat when I was flying with a coworker? Leaving her to fly by herself?

Let's find out.

nolzach writes:

Heck no! NTA I’m always happy for others getting a great unexpected opportunity.

Big-Ad-1216 OP responds:

Yes thank you, that’s exactly how I felt, I would have been happy for her.

kharjou says:

NTA. She seems petty. Tell her you dont feel comfortable talking to someone flying in coach.

Big-Ad-1216 OP responds:

Omg haha

dizzylawyer1923 writes:

She would NOT have stayed in coach. Nobody would 🙄 NTA. Why is the thought 'if there's only one with benefits, then nobody must have them' prevalent? It doesn't make sense. There are perks for one person only. That's life.

emeraldbluezen writes:

THIS RIGHT HERE. I've had situations when family members were bumped to business class on LONG flights and I got stuck in coach.

You know what I did, I said WTF, HOW'd THAT HAPPEN??? But then I sat myself down in economy. I'm like why no one enjoy business class if one has the opportunity for it? NTA

Well, seems like OP is NTA. Or should she have stayed behind? What do YOU think?

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