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Woman's mom wants her to attend Thanksgiving, she says 'no, my sister betrayed me.'

Woman's mom wants her to attend Thanksgiving, she says 'no, my sister betrayed me.'


When this woman is annoyed that her mom wants her to come to Thanksgiving, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for bailing on Thanksgiving for the tenth year in a row for Bali?'

I’m a flight attendant for a major airline, so working on holidays is a given. I’ve been working long enough I could get holidays and time off if I want, but I don’t take them up on it.

For the past decade, I’ve skipped major family holidays and events like weddings and christenings. Part of it has to do with something that happened a long time ago. Long story short, my ex knocked up my sister and they got married.

I have no interest in them and haven’t met their children. I haven’t even gone back to my hometown since their engagement announcement.

My mother has been asking me when I’m going to come back. And the answer is never. I tell her I don’t know. Well she and my dad are getting up there in years and they want a family celebration with everyone. Including my cheat of an ex and his family.

She just asked when I’m going to be here for thanksgiving and I told her that work got in the way. She broke down crying over the phone and pleaded with me to put in a time off request so I can see her.

My other FA family thinks I should do this one thing because it’s not healthy to put work over family.

Honestly, I can’t stand to see my ex happy with his affair partner and what could have been us. Also I am spending part of the holidays in Bali and have better things to do than be miserable in fucking Cleveland. AITA?

Let's find out.

hotarumamo writes:

Look, you're an adult, you have your life. If you want to be lc/nc and not meet them, it's your right. And and seeing what your ex and your sister have done, I certainly don't blame you. NTA.

4muddypaws suggests this to OP:

Op isn't dealing with the issue. She's just been running and hiding from it. I get it, this hurt a lot. But at some point carrying so much bitterness is only going to hurt OP.

Will she avoid being at her mom's declining years because of her anger? I think OP would regret it for the rest of her life.

applecinnamonmilktea writes:

I lost my Grandma to covid this year. Thanks to her very traditional and asian views, I went LC with her when I was a teenager. I never made it back in time to say goodbye, I only got to see her body in the casket.

I have never, ever regretted anything as much as not having that conversation with my grandma to clear up the misunderstandings we had when I was a teenager.

Don't be me OP - go see your parents. It doesn't have to be Christmas, just say you'll visit during low season when work is not as busy or something, that way sis and ex won't be there.

Well, is OP being kind of an AH? Should she get over her betrayal and go to Thanksgiving? What would you do in her position?

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