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Mom scolds hotel guest for being 'selfish' at free breakfast; guest says, 'calm down.'

Mom scolds hotel guest for being 'selfish' at free breakfast; guest says, 'calm down.'


"AITA for commenting to a hotel guest that she was holding up a line of hungry travelers behind her?"

I was staying at a hotel in Chicago last month with my children (M22, F18) and the place offered free breakfast for guests.

They had the usual cereal, juice, coffee, yogurt and fruit setup. They also had one waffle maker that made one waffle at a time. It was in a smallish room on the 6th floor with about 20 or more people in there.

I was hungry but waited patiently in line, as each waffle cycle takes three minutes. There was a youngish adult woman ahead of me and just as she finished removing her waffle and I started stepping forward, she poured the batter for a second waffle, I'm guessing for a friend back at the room.

Three more minutes of standing there as the tables started filling up. I said loudly something like, 'A second waffle? I didn't realize we were doing that! Another one?' She didn't respond. I thought I heard her say 'calm down,'' though. I let out a sigh and sat down at a table to eat my non-waffle other breakfast food. She was being selfish.

When she was done, the nice guy who had been behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said I could go ahead and make mine. I thanked him and did just that. Then I thanked him again as I was leaving.

AITA for saying something and not just waiting or should she have made one waffle and got back in line for the second one? What if she decided to make waffles for two more friends? That's six more minutes for everyone standing there.

Let's find out.

wildfellsprings writes:

YTA. I get you were frustrated but this is passive aggressive petty dramatic behaviour that wasn't going to help the situation in any way. You already acknowledge they were likely just taking 2 back to their room for someone else. It's the chance you take with a self service buffet style breakfast.

I don't think you'd have the same issue if you were sat at a table and you sent one of you kids up to get you a waffle each, I doubt you'd be suggesting she rejoined the queue at the back. It was 3 minutes compared to rejoining the queue, a little bit of patience goes a long way in these situations.

Everyone wants to get in and out as fast as possible and expecting someone to rejoin the queue is unreasonable. I think you were also fortunate the person behind you allowed you to go in front, I don't think I would've.

lilbunnyofdoom writes:

I became legally blind in one eye a couple years ago due to a retinal detachment. I’m still not 100% adjusted because my eyes can’t focus together and I have just enough sight in that eye to make things weird.

Now, in public places, my anxiety is so high with trying to see and maneuver that sometimes doing simple things like using a… say, waffle maker… or the credit card machines, etc. will fluster me so badly,

I can’t function properly without dropping all my stuff or tripping over my feet or running into something. (No depth perception or peripheral vision at all). My husband would totally have been making my waffles for both of us if there was a line of people, while I sat at a table and tried to adjust to seeing ,

We never know what other people are dealing with. I try to just assume the best of people until there’s a reason not to. YTA.

Okay, is OP TA? Seems that way! What do YOU think?

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