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Woman disobeys MIL's Thanksgiving assignment, whole family turns against her.

Woman disobeys MIL's Thanksgiving assignment, whole family turns against her.


When this woman is annoyed with the cooking assignments at Thanksgiving, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for making the stuffing even though I was assigned other dishes?'

My FIL passed away this year this was the first thanksgiving without him. He usually did all the cooking for holidays and was a really good cook.

This year his family decided everyone would make a dish and bring it. MIL sent a group text to organize what everyone was bringing. My husbands sister immediately said she would be making the stuffing from her dads recipe.

Everyone called other dishes by the time I got to the text I was assigned green beans, cranberry sauce , and sweet potatoes.

My husband loves this cornbread stuffing I make we were hoping I would get to make it this year. We are both sick of his sister always getting her way and no one consulted me I was just assigned whatever was left.

I asked if I could make the stuffing instead but his sister said she really wanted to make the stuffing recipe . MIL asks I just bring what was assigned. I decided screw it my husband wants it so I decided to make my stuffing anyway.

I showed up with my stuffing and at dinner we had a lot of stuffing, rolls, turkey, liquor and dessert.

MIL and sister were upset with us for not bringing what he were assigned and thanksgiving dinner was mostly stuffing.

As we were leaving MIL asked why we couldn’t just go along with things this year but I feel like I should have been consulted about what I wanted to make just because his sister needed to have her way. AITA?

Let's find out.

widefeetwelcome writes:

YTA. If you’d made the stuffing AND the sides you’d been assigned that’d be fine, or made sure someone else would make those things. But you went rogue and it sounds like the dinner was just meat and bread based dishes. Nobody wants that.

SG131 writes:

Also, explain to me how OP thinks she wasn’t consulted. It was a GROUP text. She was included she was just the last to respond. It’s not like they had a secret meeting without her and then assigned her what to bring. She was just last to respond.

equivalentcolalr59 writes:

The funny thing about this is OP complaining she wasn’t consulted when in fact nobody was, a list was sent out and everybody had fair chance to call dibs but because OP didn’t get there first that’s somehow a personal slight against her and nobody should of decided without her or she should of got what she wanted.

and everyone else got last choice even though and I don’t mean this as a slight against in laws but it wasn’t her father that died it was SIL and she wanted to do something in memory of HER dead dad but OP just can’t handle not being the centre of everyone’s world.

Well, looks like OP is TA in this situation. Any advice for this family?

Sources: Reddit
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