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BF shows GF 'Knives Out,' on date night, triggers her phobia, she forces him to pay.

BF shows GF 'Knives Out,' on date night, triggers her phobia, she forces him to pay.


When this BF is fed up, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for picking a movie that triggered my girlfriend's phobia and refusing to split the cost of the movie expenses?'

My (M19) girlfriend (F21) has emetophobia (the fear of vomit). She gets easily triggered, and can't handle most things that deal with vomit.

Anything to do with people throwing up, or even just the sounds sends her into a panic attack. This hasn't been a problem in the relationship so far, but it certainly has come up while watching TV or videos, so I am careful with what I put on.

Every week or so, we do a movie night. We alternate who picks the movies and try to pick something that we're both interested in. We share the cost of both the popcorn that we get from a local movie theater and the cost of renting the movie. This week, it was my turn. I chose the movie Knives Out.

This movie came out three years ago, so my memory of the plot was a little shaky, but I knew it was an interesting murder mystery that we would both enjoy.

However, I completely forgot that the main character throws up whenever she has to tell a lie.

The first time this came up in the movie, she looked away and covered her ears, and made it through without much trouble. I apologized profusely, but she was still extremely pissed. I told her I wasn't sure if it would happen again, so we continued watching.

The second time it happened it was more difficult to anticipate and she completely freaked out, getting out of the room as fast as possible.

She started yelling at me and told me she couldn't believe how I could've made this mistake, and left pretty soon after. She told me she won't resolve the conflict until I pay for everything and apologize again.

I apologized the first time it happened in the movie and even in the argument after, but I don't feel like I'm obliged to deliver another apology and cover the costs since we always split it.

The movie was from three years ago and I feel like I made a genuine mistake, and she completely overreacted. So AITA Reddit?

Let's find out.

girlwithnoswag writes:

I wasn’t sure how to judge this at first, so I just googled “knives out vomit”. Took me 10 seconds to learn there is vomiting in the movie.

Turns out, I’m more considerate to your girlfriend’s phobia than you are. YTA. Pay her back, apologize, and tell her that you will be sure to Google your suggestions before suggesting them.

darkdeepdarkdeep writes:

NTA Give her some time and space. Then explain how it was a genuine mistake and for her to think, does she honestly think you don't care about her and did this on purpose? You're human just like her and mistakes happen.

If she can't see that ypu did not mean this then you may need to talk out more about the future.

Well, looks like Reddit is torn. Is OP TA? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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