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Man's in-laws refuse to eat his 'pretentious' Thanksgiving dinner; family is divided.

Man's in-laws refuse to eat his 'pretentious' Thanksgiving dinner; family is divided.


"WIBTA if I refuse to cook the roast more than medium rare?"

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and my wife and I (27F, 29M) are making plans to host our family.

I'm doing the bulk of the cooking, including a rib roast. I'm excited, since it's one of my favorite dishes and I much prefer it to turkey. We've been fortunate this year to be able to afford a good one.

I plan on cooking it to a medium rare temperature since that's what I and most people in general prefer. And, objectively, it's juicier and more tender that way.

My wife is annoyed by this and says I should make it medium well or well done, since her and her parents 'don't like it bloody' (that's not blood but whatever). They think it's gross.

I told her that they can eat the end slices, which tend to be more cooked than the bulk of the roast. And if that's still too 'bloody', they can nuke their piece after it's cut. I think this makes perfect sense. Obviously if I were making steaks, each one could be made to the preferred doneness of each person.

But this is one (expensive) piece of meat, and I don't want to ruin all of it when the solution is clear: you can always cook a piece more. You can't uncook it. WIBTA? My wife says I am and that this is my way of imposing my 'pretentious preferences' onto everyone at Thanksgiving.

Let's find out.

skizzybee writes:

Everyone seeing this as a dispute over meat cooking and not a dispute over graciously hosting Thanksgiving are missing the point. Enjoy your perfectly cooked meat this year, OP. You won't get the chance to host Thanksgiving again. YTA.

jellyguy writes this rather harsh post:

Just cut the raw roast in half, and take one out sooner. My friend, learn to compromise and meet your partner halfway.

Little shit like this has a tendency to build up into other stuff. There is a way in everyday life to have your cake and eat it too. Also yes. Ywbta. Choose a better hill to die on man.

thatoneurchin writes:

Reddit always goes to the extremes with things lmao. They’re going to stop attending family holidays because they were forced to use the microwave for a few minutes? These are grown adults, right?

How about the rudeness of expecting OP to mess with everyone else’s meal because 2-3 coming can’t stand waiting a few minutes. It’s not like OP could uncook the meal for the majority of people there who want it medium rare.

Well, is OP being a total AH? Or are the in laws being dramatic? Any advice for this warring family?

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