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Resident with dog refuses to get off elevator to accommodate neighbor with dog phobia.

Resident with dog refuses to get off elevator to accommodate neighbor with dog phobia.


When this resident is torn about whether or not they are a good neighbor, they ask Reddit:

'AITA for not taking the next elevator bcoz of a woman’s fear of my dog?'

I live in a high rise. Our apartment is very dog friendly — it has a built in dog park on a lower floor. I take my dog there all the time to do her business. There are like 25 dogs in my building.

I have a 8 month old small dog. She weighs 5kgs. One day, I had my dog in my arms and she had her leash on. I waited for the elevator and a crowded elevator arrived.

A woman immediately started screaming — and I am not exaggerating here— she began screaming hysterically and cowered behind her husband who asked me to take the next elevator.

I obliged the first time. But it kept happening over and over — every time she would scream and cry and ask me to take the next elevator. She complained to our building management about several other dogs in the apartment already.

And our building sometimes has elevator issues which means I would wait for several minutes for the next one. So when I ran into her again, I just stepped in and ignored her screaming. Her husband called me an asshole. Am I the asshole here?

Let's find out.

gayforaliens1701 writes:

NTA. If she has a paralyzing fear of dogs, she probably shouldn’t live in a dog-friendly apartment. If you only had to do this once, I guess that would be fine, but having to do this MULTIPLE times on a regular basis? No. Way too much to ask of you.

k1p1coder agrees:

NTA. Do they just ride the elevator all day looking for dogs to scream at? How does she manage to go outside with dogs everywhere? She needs to get professional help for her issues, and/or live somewhere pets aren't allowed.

midnightvillain writes:

NAH - I moved into a condo building with my shepsky (🌈🌈) and an elderly neighbor was absolutely terrified of him. I did walk the other way whenever I saw her or took another elevator. Inconvenient, yes, but I know that poor lady couldn't help feeling so terrified.

Long story short, after seeing my dog for a couple of years and how absolutely calm he was, she was eventually able to ride the elevator with him (never pet him though). My guy left behind a wonderful legacy.

Well, is OP TA? Is this neighbor crazy? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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