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Sister wears bridal gown to wedding that asked guests to 'dress crazy.'

Sister wears bridal gown to wedding that asked guests to 'dress crazy.'


When this woman follows her sister's directions and 'dresses crazy' for her wedding, she asks Reddit:

'AITA For wearing my wedding dress to my sisters wedding?'

So, for the longest time my sister has been planning a 'red carpet' wedding, everyone is supposed to be dressed dramatically and we only had a few rules to abide by. The rules were really simple to follow, no ballgowns, no capes, no trains, there was NO rules on colours.

Her guest list for her wedding was basically identical to mine aside from her husbands friends because we have the same friend group, when we go out, we go out together, we've always been super close.

This means when a lot of the girls were doing their dress shopping for the event my sister and I were helping them choose. They were going for prom dresses and cheap wedding dresses online, my sister did not have an issue with any of this.

There were many pinks, reds, blues, silvers and whites! So to save money, I decided to use my wedding dress, which fit in with the dress code and add a white fluffy shawl and a broach.

Anyway, day of the wedding everyone looks outstanding and my sister does really stand out, she looked like Cinderella and there was no mistaking anyone else for the bride.

The entire wedding went amazing if only a few hiccups and nobody said anything to me about my attire. However, after the wedding my sister pulled me aside and told me how disappointed she was that I didn't make an effort for her big day like everyone else did.

I argued that I pulled my weight and dressed according to the dress code, she wasn't upset that I wore a wedding dress, she was upset that I wore MY wedding dress.

She said it shows that I'm lazy and uncreative and that it's embarrassing to her that I showed up wearing a dress that had already been worn to another wedding attended by her guests.

I guess I didn't see what the big deal is but she's really upset and brings it up now whenever I try to reach out to her.

A few of my friends say I'm an AH for not just purchasing a different dress or apologizing and my husband says maybe I should have asked if it was okay to wear my wedding dress before I did so, instead of assuming that it was fine because other people were wearing wedding dresses.

I personally don't think I have anything to be sorry about but I could be wrong. AITA?

Well, let's see what Reddit had to say.

huklingwho says:

YTA. Wearing your own wedding gown to another persons wedding is usually a no-go, if money was an issue couldn’t you have dyed it a different color or at the very least discussed the dress beforehand? Were the other guests wearing their own wedding dresses? Were you part of the wedding party?

elsie78 says:

NTA and your sister is being ridiculous for carrying on about this after mentioning it to you the first time, like you can do anything about it now? She was asking for this.

honestbrush writes:

Absolutely the A-hole. She's the bride, not you. It's her day, not yours. There are tons of beautiful dresses out there that aren't wedding gowns. You've had your day, let her have hers, and DO NOT wear your old wedding gown to her wedding. It's not about you this time.

Hmmm....hard to say. Is OP TA? What do YOU think?

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