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Woman refuses to give T-Swift ticket to cousin, he gets revenge at his wedding.

Woman refuses to give T-Swift ticket to cousin, he gets revenge at his wedding.


When this woman is SHOCKED by her cousin's behavior, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for Refusing to Give my Cousin-in-Law My Taylor Swift Ticket?'

I (17f) recently got Taylor Swift tickets for her Era’s Tour. Now, as you probably know, it was a very difficult to get these tickets and I actually waited 5+ hours in the Ticketmaster queue to get them.

I’ve loved Taylor Swift since I was two years old. My cousin, “John” (29m) recently got married to his wife “Jane” (27f) and I attended the wedding with my parents.

At the wedding another cousin of mine asked me whether or not I got tickets and I excitedly said yes.

John overheard and pulled me aside and asked me if there was any chance, I’d be willing to give my ticket to his wife as she also tried to get tickets but didn’t manage to get any.

I said that I waited a long time to get my ticket and that I didn’t want to give it up because, as he knows, I love Taylor Swift and I’m really excited about going to the concert with my friends.

He seemed disappointed but ultimately walked away. I went back to my table and thought nothing of it.

Then John and Jane had their first dance which was to Taylor Swift’s Lover. At the end of the dance, he got the microphone and told everyone at the wedding that I had so kindly decided to give Jane my Taylor Swift ticket as a wedding gift.

Jane started crying and said I was the best cousin ever and that I made her wedding day ten times better. I stood there in shock, and I asked if I could speak to her in private, but she brushed me off. I tried to talk to John too, but he ignored me.

My whole family kept coming up to me and saying how mature I was for giving my ticket to Jane and how it was the perfect way to welcome her to the family.

I told them that I never said I’d give her my ticket and I was planning on keeping it and going with my friends, like I had originally planned.

Word got back to John and Jane actually started sobbing and saying that I was selfish for not giving her my ticket and that since I didn’t get her a wedding gift, the least I could do is give her my ticket. I stood my ground and said that I did not owe her anything.

John then said that I’ve already seen one of Taylor’s concerts before and that Jane hasn’t so it’s only fair that I give her my ticket.

I said that I understand that it was really frustrating to wait in that queue only to not get tickets, but it wasn’t my job to make sure that Jane did and that if they were patient, the scalper prices might go down by the show and she might be able to snag tickets then.

John screamed at me to leave and said that I ruined his wedding. Some of my family has been messaging me saying I'm a selfish bitch for ruining Jane's wedding and I should've waited until after the wedding to tell her that I wasn't giving her my ticket.

Others, including my parents, agree that I had no obligation to give up my ticket. I hate conflict though and a part of me wonders whether I should've just let her have the ticket.

So am I the asshole?

Let's find out.

corgwin writes:

NTA. John was trying to pull a fast one and thought he could bully you into giving up your ticket. Good for you for standing fast. He picked the venue to announce, you wanted to correct it right away. I don't blame you for that. He ruined his own wedding.

imchogirl writes:

I honestly don't know what's worse. Scheming together against a 17 year old or finding out on your wedding day that your husband is a liar and a scam artist.

Big yikes to this couple.

lordliv writes:

Not only immature, but crazy. Like this is actually insane behavior from an adult. It is so so so weird that upon hearing someone got a ticket to a concert to ask for said concert ticket.

Who would ever do that? And then it just goes from bad to worse. “Hey, my 17 year old cousin doesn’t want to give me her cherished concert tickets for free. I better stand up at my OWN WEDDING and lie to everyone in an attempt to publicly manipulate her into giving it to me.

Oh what’s that? She’s weirded out and still doesn’t want to give me her concert ticket? I better team up with my brand new wife to scream and curse at a minor.”

I’m genuinely not joking, are they mentally sound?

Wow, this is wild. What would YOU do if you were OP? Any advice?

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