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'AITA for getting upset that my fiancé spent the money he gave me?'

'AITA for getting upset that my fiancé spent the money he gave me?'


When this woman is annoyed with her fiance, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for getting upset that my fiancé spent the money he gave me?'

My (29F) fiancé (28M) and I usually split the rent 50/50. He gave me last month’s rent in cash because I had paid the whole bill with my debit card.

I did not deposit the money right away as I had wanted to have cash around the house in case it was needed for groceries, emergencies, etc., so the money was just sitting on a desk for a couple of weeks. Yesterday, I asked him where the money was since I wanted to take some since I’m going to an event and wanted some spare cash just in case.

He told me the money was gone, so I asked how much was gone and he said “all of it”. I was confused and upset because I felt like that was my money.

He told me he had to pay the internet bill, his car bills/gas, and that “next time he just won’t pay for anything.” I expressed that I’m more upset that he didn’t communicate with me and that I would have understood if he had just told me ahead of time that he needed it.

He called me selfish for getting upset and that I’m “how dare you, you're only making myself look worse.” He also said that if I didn’t want him to spend it, I should have deposited the money right away. I don’t think I’m wrong for getting upset, but maybe I am. AITA?

orceight writes:

NTA. It sounds like he stole your half of the rent to pay his bills.

pocketfullofrocks writes:

NTA. This is the type of stuff my abusive ex did. I'm pretty sure he also used the same 'well next time I won't pay for anything' line.

He would not pay his share of bills or rent and when I told him he owed for bills I had paid for us he would gaslight me by saying it was my fault that he owed me money cuz I didn't tell him that he owed money.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. What do YOU think? Any advice for her?

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