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Woman makes stepmother cry for making fun of her 'weird' wedding proposal.

Woman makes stepmother cry for making fun of her 'weird' wedding proposal.


When this woman is annoyed with her stepmom, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for humiliating my stepmom when she insulted me for proposing to my fiancé?'

I was born into a pretty patriarchal country. I moved to the US at 12 and my dad has always been pretty liberal, but I witnessed some weird stuff growing up.

My father is very wealthy and always had trophy girlfriends and was a huge womanizer before he married his current wife 'Leila' When he met Leila she was married with 2 kids and her husband owed him a lot of money. He said my dad could date and fuck Leila if he forgave the debt.

Leila immediately was talking about marriage, how she would be the perfect wife, and she was beyond obsessed with my dad's money, like walking around the house touching things and giggling, and playing dress up with my mom's jewelry.

He ended up leaving my mom for her. I do think he really loves her, like I hate it and it grosses me out, but he was just suddenly happy all the time. Sill Leila definitely begged him to marry her.

I recently got engaged to my long term partner. I am the one who proposed, because well I got sick of waiting and he is awful at that stuff anyway.

We had a family dinner to celebrate and Leila was making jokes about how weird America is, why would I propose, that is so unromantic, blah blah blah. to be fair it wasn't just her, my siblings were joining in.

I told her to stop. I told my dad to make her stop, but my dad always has the attitude that we are mean to Leila, so it is fine.

Finally I announced to the table that Leila begged my dad to marry her, begged to the point everyone was laughing at her even him, so she shouldn't be talking.

Leila began to cry and stormed off. My dad yelled at me about how I have no idea what I'm talking about and no one can make him do anything. He wouldn't have married her if he didn't want to.

Leila refused to come back because she thinks my future in laws think that my dad didn't love her. Now I might be a bit of an ass, because I know all of her self image is wrapped up in being the perfect wife and him loving her. My dad is still furious with me.

Let's find out.

countrygirl2122 writes:

“He said my dad could date and fuck Leila if he forgave the debt.”

Am I the only one who can’t even really focus on the rest of this post after this one statement just being thrown in so casually??? WTAF??


notinevitable1806 agrees:

NTA. She initiated the exchange by insulting your engagement. She continued it by engaging with your family, who was also partaking in insults. If she doesn’t want people commenting on her relationship, she shouldn’t do it to others.

As for your dad, he’s probably defensive because he didn’t want to acknowledge that he let himself get manipulated by this woman.

Looks like OP is NTA. Does Leila need to go? What do YOU think?

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