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Woman is livid that woman in neighborhood wants to 'copy' her famous Ursula costume.

Woman is livid that woman in neighborhood wants to 'copy' her famous Ursula costume.


When this woman is angry about a woman trying to copy her, she asks Reddit:

'WIBTA if I dressed up as Ursula?'

So, for Halloween one of the best costumes I(f34) have is as Ursula. I have done it for years and have won prizes.

I work hard on my Ursula costume and love it so much. There's a woman, we'll call her Bea, who seems to be interested in trying to be my friend.

I am not at all interested in friendship and have never been after she's said something racist about the relationship I have with my godchildren years ago.

They are all white and I am black. After that, I lost all interest in trying to be friendly, but she continually pushes for it. About two year ago, she made friends with my best friend's parents and she now comes to all of their events.

I am cordial, but every time she's asked to be friends, I told her in no certain terms that I am not interested in friendship.

I heard through several grapevines that she has every intention of dressing up as Ursula this year as a way to try and build a bond between us since I love the character and adore dressing as her.

I was not going to dress as Ursula this year and was planning to do a group costume with my best friends, but the petty part of me wants to dress as Ursula to win the competition and let her know that I am not at all interested in kindling any sort of friendship.

I wasn't interested when she first came into my life and I am not interested in it now. So WIBTA if I dressed up as Ursula as well and outshone her with years of experience?

Let's find out.

fitalltohell writes:

NTA BUT! If you dress as Ursula it’s gonna give her more of a reason to try and speak to you. It will be common ground like “oh! We’re both dressed the same! Aren’t we awesome! We must both love the character”etc… I would do a costume with your friend and just ignore the crap out of her.

stragglingshadow writes:

Im going to say ESH ONLY because its so close to halloween and like, a group costume is a committment and youd be a pretty big jerkwad to your friends who you agreed to group costume with.

She isnt owed your friendship and a little pettiness towards someone not getting the very clear message you dont want to be friends is justified assholery which unless things in here have changed makes you not an asshole for considering dressing up as Ursula out of spite. However, like I said, youve made a committment.

So, is OP being dramatic? Or is she NTA? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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