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Woman asks if she's wrong to be mad friend 'stole' her wedding song.

Woman asks if she's wrong to be mad friend 'stole' her wedding song.


When this woman is upset with another woman for 'stealing her song' she asks Reddit:

'AITA for being mad at this woman or is it my pregnancy hormones?'

So I was recently in my friends wedding who I've only known for a short 9 months. I was asked to be in her wedding after meeting her and her now husband through my fiancé who has known the groom for a couple years and he was asked to be a part of the wedding ( I recently moved back from California to be with my partner).

We've had multiple dinner with this couple and even shared wedding plans with each other. One night we exchanged wedding songs and first dance songs. They showed us theirs and we showed them ours.

\I remember them saying how they've never heard our wedding song before and how they're unsure which one they are going to choose for their wedding.

To make a long story short, when it was time for their first dance me and my man were taken by surprise when we heard our song we shared with them on the speakers.

Now, I know it's only a song but we both were pretty upset by it and annoyed that this song... that has meant so much to us and had big plans for us.. was now being used in our friends wedding for their first dance.

It could've been totally intentional but we felt that if we didn't introduce that song to them they wouldn't have used it. I'm still pretty upset by it and I'm just curious if I have a right to be upset or if I should just get over it and get a new song for my special day.

I even remember showing the now bride a gift I got for my fiancé for Christmas, which was an engraved wallet with lyrics from that song because it's so special to us, and I remember showing them the song they chose.

It brings me to tears thinking about that moment, but maybe it could be all the pregnancy hormones haha I know it's just a song, and although me and my fiancé do not have a date yet for our wedding and are expecting a baby so we want to focus on that first... it still sucks knowing that song may not be as significant to us at our wedding.

Anyways, what I'm trying to get at is... am I being over dramatic about a silly song at a wedding or are my feelings valid? AITA?

Let's find out.

youretheadspa writes:

YTA. Come on. You don’t get to own a song. Who the duck actually cares if you both had the same first dance song? No. One. Guess what? You two aren’t the only couples to have/want that song as a first dance song, either. Why on earth would you care about this? Get over yourself.

michaelscott1776 disagrees:

NTA. It's an absolute dick move to do something like this. Same thing goes with sharing baby names and the other couple stealing the name you wanted to use.

Is it petty to be mad? Yes. Is it justifiable to be petty and mad over this? Yes

Well, it's hard to say if OP is TA. What do YOU think?

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