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Man refuses to give SIL 'luxury' vacation; says, 'you're not my real family.' AITA?

Man refuses to give SIL 'luxury' vacation; says, 'you're not my real family.' AITA?


"AITA for not giving my sister in law and her family a luxury vacation."


I travel a lot for work so I have so many hotel and airline points it is crazy.

This summer I am taking my family to Disney World. We are going to stay at one of the resorts on the property. My sister in law and her family had a hard time during the pandemic so I decided to do something nice and invite them along. My treat. I said I would pay for their flights, hotel, and park tickets.

Everyone was excited until she started talking to my wife. Now she is upset that we are staying at one of the resorts and they have to stay in Disney Springs. Apparently I'm being cheap by using points for their hotel instead of just paying for them to stay at the same resort as us.

My wife told her sister and brother-in-law to STFU and accept the gift but they didn't. They told my in-laws that I was making their kids jealous by not letting them enjoy the same stuff as us.

To be clear the hotel I booked for them is very nice. It's just not The Grand Floridian. So I finally talked to them and gave the the choice of accepting my gift or not coming since I could still cancel their reservations.

They started yelling at me for being an a@*$ole and taking something away from their children. I had talked to them like adults but when they started screaming their kids heard them and found out that they might not be going.

Now their kids are pissed at their parents for possibly f*&^ing up their vacation. And I'm the bigger a**hole for making them look bad in front of their kids. AITA?

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Let me get this straight...You're gifting them airline tickets, park tickets AND a nice hotel and they demand more?

Cancel their tickets. Immediately. For their benefit too so they drop this entitled idiocy forever. So the kids learn you get NOTHING if you're being an ass. So they don't try to walk all over you in the future.

NTA. That's would be them. Poor kids... Heck I'll take this amazing gift with endless gratitude! Disney Springs got 4.85/5 stars. I'LL BE SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL IF ANYONE DID THIS FOR ME! Guh..


Just take the kids. Fuck those entitled parents.


Definitely a r/ChoosingBeggars situation. OP should take the kids, leave ungrateful SIL and BIL behind.


NTA obviously. So here’s what I would do. I would price out by cash what it would cost for what you were giving them. I would write an email to your wife, your SIL/BIL, In laws. State the facts. You recognized how difficult things had been for them and that you wanted to do something nice.

What you offered. With price breakdown. State that you are offended they would not be appreciative of the gift.

They can accept the current gift as is. You recognize that this was an emotional reaction on their part but you feel you deserve an apology for their reaction. That you recognize this is all “stressful” and their reaction did not meant to come off as ungrateful but that is how you are receiving it. And your feelings are hurt but you would be happy to move forward.

That you will gladly remove the hotel and they can book the grand Floridian with prices listed. On their own dime. And you still want an apology. If they find option 1 & 2 unacceptable. Then you will rescind the gift offer. Apologize for giving them a gift and the matter will be closed.


Your SIL could have chosen this route:

“Your uncle _______ is just amazing and is offering us this unforgettable trip! We will be staying at a different location but doing all of the parks and activities together. This will give us chance to have some time with just us as a family too! Aren’t we lucky to have such generous people in our family?! We are really so blessed!”


So, do you think the OP was in the wrong here or should they have given their sister-in-law the same privileges as the rest of the family?

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