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'I saw my husband with a woman in an influencer’s IG pic. He was supposed to be out of town.' BIG UPDATES

'I saw my husband with a woman in an influencer’s IG pic. He was supposed to be out of town.' BIG UPDATES


"I saw my husband caught with a woman in a picture while scrolling a local influencer’s IG. He was supposed to be out of town"

Here's the original post:

I don’t know what to do. We just had our baby 6 weeks ago and when he told me about his business trip. I got a little upset because I’m all alone here and this is our first child so I don’t know what the h we’re doing most of the time. I couldn’t just refuse to let him go however because I knew when I met him that traveling is part of his job so he left. He’s very supportive otherwise. Very happy about being a father.

He called us maybe 5-6 times a day to see if we’re doing alright. Last night I was scrolling down IG and there he was in the background of a local celebrity I followed. Sitting in a restaurant with his “friend” from Uni. The woman who always disliked me and who he told me not to worry about. He’s been on this “trip” since Monday and is supposed to come back on Monday. I’m so heartbroken. I don’t know what to do.

I will obviously talk to him when he gets home but what are my options afterwards? I’m a stay at home wife right now and I haven’t worked since I graduated 5 years ago. My husband makes a good living and he didn’t think me working was a necessity. I don’t have a family except him. If I leave him, how am I going to fend for my son? Who is going to take care of him if I start working? I feel so trapped.

Edit: Im so overwhelmed with the amount of messages and support. I’m going to make it clear here that I’m not going to jump into any conclusions yet. I just had my suspicions about the “friend” and I was always wary of her. I’m going to give my husband the benefit of the doubt of course but unfortunately my gut feeling is telling me this is what I’m dreading the most. Thank you

In the comments, people offered lots of advice and support.

allih02 said:


Palomar-999 saidL

The picture might be a few days old, the influencer might not have uploaded it in the day she took it. So maybe try to videocall your husband and maybe ask to see the view of is hotel room? Try to ask him stuff that force him to speak more about where is, so u can know for sure that he lied about the business trip.

Also if he tells u the name of the hotel u can try to call and see if a simpathetic employee can give u any info, about him being or not being there.

cbrrydrz said:

If you husband has insta, you should tag him.

DeadZone2021 said:

Just out of interest, do you know where the restaurant was? It might sound like a stupid question but I think it's relevant, if you can't be sure the restaurant is local then there's a tiny chance this IG influencer may have been in the same place at the same time somewhere out of town.

Calling 5 or 6 times a day doesn't sound like something a cheating husband would do either, I hope it turns out to be a misunderstanding.

And dankmemeshovel said:

i think instead of jumping to filing for divorce, yoy should talk to him. for example, if this restaurant is nearby, why would he need ten days for a local affair? why would a cheating husband call 5-6 times a day? if he's otherwise a good husband, why would he suddenly cheat? chances are he's just grabbing dinner with a college friend while he's on this trip.

Two days later, she shared an unfortunate update on the situation.

Hello again, I’m so happy I found you guys here. My husband is home now. It was what what I feared. I don’t know if I made a terrible job of explaining the situation in my last post. But the influencer lives in our city and she was in a restaurant in our city. My husband was supposed to be out of town in business.

I took the advice you gave me about influencers not usually posting same day pictures but it still struck me as an oddity because he has never mentioned having dinner with this friend. I tried to contact the influencer but she has over 1.5 million followers.

As I said my husband’s work include a lot of traveling and he usually do a video tour in his hotel room for me or send me some pictures. This time he didn’t so yesterday when he called I asked him to FaceTime me to see our son. He told me to wait because the room was messy and he called after 5 minutes.

We talked and he saw our son and then I asked him for a mini tour. He showed me som parts and I took some screenshots. My husband laughed about me taking screenshots and was a bit confused. It isn’t that unusual for me to do anyway so he didn’t make a fuss.

I went later to hotels dot com and started comparing pictures. I found the hotel within 15 minutes. It’s less than 10 minutes from our place. It was a bit late but I took my son and went anyway. The front desk didn’t want to tell me what room he was in. I asked her to tell him to come down but she refused to do that too since it was midnight. I texted him to come down to the reception.

When he came down he was like he was seeing a ghost. I told him to take me to his hotel room now. Re refused and asked me to go home and that he would explain everything later. I told him if he didn’t take me to his room now and without warning his friend I will scream. I don’t know why I wanted to see her.

It’s like even after finding out he’s been in town all this time and even after seeing the look on his face I still wanted to catch them to drive the message home, so my heart doesn’t cave to his excuses and explanations that he was already starting on. He refused however to take me up. So I just left with my baby.

He came home maybe an hour after me and he wanted to talk and explain when I’m ready. I’m not ready yet. I asked him to move out and leave me be for the time being. He agreed. I don’t know why he did this. Why he married me. I’m 29 and he’s 39.

His mistress is 39. She’s a single mom and they’re more compatible and they get along very well. And they obviously love each other so why didn’t he just be with her instead and save us all the heartbreak? Honestly, what’s wrong with people?

Later, she shared another update.

I’m sorry I don’t want to make any more updates. My husband has agreed to moving out of our apartment. Since we have a prenup, I’m essentially not entitled to anything but he has offered the apartment since I have no where to go. I told him I needed more assurance that the apartment is for me and my son.

He’s going to transfer the deeds in my name whatever that means. I’m also going to get alimony or allowance or whatever it’s called until my son is old enough to start looking for jobs. All of this conversation was recorded. On Monday I’m going to talk to a lawyer to make sure what my husband promised me is going to happen. In return, he asked me for separation and not divorce for two years. I agreed.

About the other woman. I don’t know if it’s worth my energy to find out more. They have been FWB when they’re single but never had a relationship. They’ve known each other for 20 years. I didn’t want to hear anything about them. I always had my suspicions. He made the usual excuses about her meaning nothing.

It was a mistake and this was their first time because he felt neglected because I wasn’t as interested in him as before the baby. He swore he never slept with her during our marriage until this week. I don’t believe him. If they end up together I wouldn’t be surprised even though he assured me it will never happen because he doesn’t love her.

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