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'My long-term GF doesn’t know I know she's cheating, but she’s about to.' UPDATED

'My long-term GF doesn’t know I know she's cheating, but she’s about to.' UPDATED


"My girlfriend of three years doesn’t know I know shes cheating but she’s about to."

I (21 F) have been dating my girlfriend (22 F) for three years. I grew up in a really small town so finding other women who liked women wasn’t easy. We met at my college orientation because she was one of the group leaders showing us around. I saw her more and more as the weeks passed because we ate at similar times and we eventually became friends.

She always assumed I was straight because I have a very feminine style (I’m sure others can relate to this misconception) but being friends didn’t last very long when we found out we both liked women. The last three years have been great or at least I thought they were. About two months ago she started getting really cagey around her phone which was a red flag to me.

Before that we were both open with our phones and frequently went on them for directions, to look things up, or text our friends if our phone died. Two weeks ago I went through her phone when she was showering (yes yes I know invasion of privacy). It wasn’t hard to find what I was looking for but what angered me the most is that besides her cheating she was making fun of me with the other girl.

Both of them making remarks that looking like a “bimbo” would only get me so far. Which is funny considering she constantly talks to me about how she loves my over the top femininity. I was honestly ready to explode right there but instead I took screenshots of their flirtatious text messages and sent them to myself.

Both of them are part of an internship that at least from my girlfriends side she’s been working years to get into. In hopes of getting offered a full contract when her schooling is done. As most internships or even jobs are, relationships are strictly prohibited amongst coworkers and results in termination. So the head of the program will be getting a very exciting email very soon :)

I also know her schedule like the back of my hand so my friends and me are going to take back all the stuff I bought for her and leave a box of the few things she bought me with a print of the messages taped on top.

Maybe not the coldest revenge in the world but I hope she has fun sleeping in a bed with no sheets or a duvet. Also, have fun scrambling to buy the very expensive textbooks I bought for you right before finals begin. <3

Edit: some of the comments are having me rethink sending stuff to her boss. It won’t ruin her career but perhaps it’s too far. However, I do feel a lack of sympathy because of how the two of them talked about me. If I do decide against it I’m going to find something equally petty that doesn’t involve her career.

Most of the texts were spent brutally slut shaming me and calling me a bimbo because of my appearance. The other girl going as far as asking my ex for “special photos of me” to see if I “looked as plastic as she thinks I do”. Whatever that means. I haven’t decided yet, all I know is I’m getting ready to go party with my friends.

Edit: Also to all of my cuties and I mean everyone she’s, he’s, they’s, whatever you go by out there who have also been cheated on you’re super sexy gorgeous fabulous sparkly hot and cute and they flop <3

She later posted this small update:

I just took all of my stuff with my friends and left all of the items she got me in the box with the printouts of the texts messages. I’m about to call her mom (who loves me very much) and tell her EVERYTHING 🙂I’ll probably update later on how that went.

She probably won’t find the box for a few hours since she usually doesn’t get home till around 5. Also for those who are curious, no, I’m not gonna take those textbooks back and just dump them. I’m gonna sell them and donate the money to homeless and animal shelters. I’m also gonna give the sheets and duvet to a homeless person.

And then, she posted this bigger update:

Hi all! I appreciate all the kind words you all left me, it definitely made this whole thing feel a lot less lonely. I’m finally in a space where I feel like I can update.

So as many of you know I went through with taking all of my stuff back and leaving the things she got me with print outs of all the messages between them. I also ended up dumping a ton of glitter on her (naked) mattress and basically the whole place. I also called her mother who I was very close with and to say she was angry was an understatement.

I left her number unblocked because I wanted to see her reaction if she had any at all. As expected, she had a total meltdown. She texted me 84 times begging me to come back to talk, apologizing and saying she didn’t mean it and was just trying to make the other girl feel less insecure, I was the most beautiful woman she’s ever met and she didn’t want to lose me, saying she loved me blah blah blah.

It was honestly pathetic. She also called me a ton of times but I didn’t answer. I haven’t listened to the voicemails either. She also thought it was a great idea to wait for me outside of my 8 am class with flowers and I told her if she did it again I’d contact the university for harassment.

I’ve been staying with my friend and it’s honestly been a lot better than I expected. I’ve been partying a lot over the weekend with my friends. Now, after posting my original post I received a flood of comments which made me reconsider and I had a hard time deciding if I wanted to email her internship. To make it short for the people who don’t care that much, I did end up emailing the head of the program.

Not because she cheated on me but because the both of them were sending my nude photos between the two of them. I’m still deciding if I want to take legal action on a personal level. But with their line of work, I don’t think their behavior is appropriate. Especially because the other woman’s hateful nature towards specific types of women she deems worthless.

I emailed the head of the program the extent of the issue and however he decides to handle it is his choice. Side note: I did end up giving her sheets and duvet to a homeless woman I found and I plan on selling the textbooks I bought her and donating the money to homeless and animal shelters.

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