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"Got an anonymous DM about my wife holding hands with a co-worker; she 'doesn't remember.'" UPDATED 2X

"Got an anonymous DM about my wife holding hands with a co-worker; she 'doesn't remember.'" UPDATED 2X


"My (40M) wife (36F) was seen holding hands with another man."

My wife (36F) and I (40M) have been together 5 years and got married last year. We definitely have our ups and downs but we’re generally happy. On Friday she went out with people from her work for Christmas drinks and arrived home around midnight absolutely hammered. She just said she’d had a good time and went straight to bed.

Yesterday I got a message on instagram from an anonymous account claiming to be one of her colleagues saying she’d been flirting all night with one of the guys from the office (44M) and they’d left together at about 9 to walk to the train station.

The colleague had a couple more drinks for then went to the station herself, and says she saw my wife walking hand in hand with the guy through the station at about 10:45. They didn’t see her. Last night I showed her the message and asked her for an explanation. She claimed she was so drunk she doesn’t remember anything that happened after about 8pm.

I asked if she went somewhere with the guy after they left the group and she checked the location history on her phone which confirmed that they had gone to a bar near the station for about an hour.

They arrived at the station at 10:40. She gave me her phone and insisted I check it and there were no suspicious messages or anything. As far as I could tell she doesn’t have the guy’s number in her phone and they’re not following each other on instagram or friends on Facebook.

I asked if she was flirting with him and she admitted that she was talking mostly to him all night but that’s just because he’s the only person in her office she has anything in common with and that they’re just friends and it wasn’t flirting. She’s mentioned this guy to me before and said how much they have in common.

I asked if they were holding hands and she said she doesn’t remember but she doesn’t think so. She claims to know who sent me the message and says it’s a woman in the office who hates her although she doesn’t know why. Today she’s been in a terrible mood and we’ve not really spoken. So that’s where we are. I’m not sure what to do. Is this as big a red flag as it seems to be?

What do you think? Is this a red flag? What would you do?

This is what top commenters had to say:

Oohkbutnotokay said:

There are a collection of issues here, but the terrible mood today seems a big one. The information you received is largely correct, it looks a bit fishy and instead of reassurance she is in retaliation mode, no doubt focusing on her office rival. She should be apologising and doing what she can to defuse the situation.

Getting so drunk you ‘cant recall’ and focusing on a particular man and going off privately with him, I wonder what she would feel if this was something you had done. Tell her to lose the attitude and figure out how she plans to sort this out.

SantasAinolElf said:

First off ask yourself what 36 year old gets blackout drunk at an office party by 8pm? That's a very thin defense against some pretty hard evidence. Sure the bar they went to isn't next to his apartment?

Turbulent-Yam3617 said:

She's downplaying everything to you.

CermaitLaphroaig said:

So she was "too drunk to remember anything" for FOUR HOURS? Yet was still capable of getting herself home? If nothing had happened, I feel like her answer would have been "What? No? No I didn't do that."

Instead it was "Um, well I don't remember, yes I was talking to him a lot, yes we went to a bar alone, but NOTHING happened I don't remember anything but I definitely remember that nothing happened, somehow, that woman's out to get me, now I'm going to sulk." And... oof. That's not the answer you want to hear.

GameDoesntStop said:

Yes dude. The info you got is clearly correct. Connect the dots, as much as you might not want to right now.

A week after his original post, he shared this update:

Tl;dr my wife (Sam) got drunk on a work night out and was seen holding hands with a guy from her office. Sam came home from work on Monday and casually said that she’d spoken with the guy (Tom) and he’d confirmed that they hadn’t held hands they’d just been walking arm in arm because she was drunk and wearing heels.

I asked why her colleague (Helen) would make an instagram account, track me down, and message me saying they held hands if it wasn’t true. She said Helen is basically in love with Tom and made a pass at him just after his divorce but he rejected her.

I asked why Helen would feel threatened by her. She said because her and Tom are friends and Helen’s a crazy jealous bitch as evidenced by the instagram message. I asked why she went for a drink just her and Tom. She said that according to Tom they walked past this bar with an amazing live band playing so they stopped in for a drink.

Her only regret was doing too many shots too early and getting sh!tfaced. The next day she went shopping after work and came home with a new dress. I asked what the occasion was and she said her work Christmas party. Last week was just drinks with people from her office. The company Christmas party is on Friday. Apparently she’d mentioned this…

I hardly slept that night. The next day I decided to reply to the instagram message to get some more info. I asked ‘do you think anything’s going on with them?’ Helen (I assume) quickly replied with a long message saying that they flirt at work and everyone’s noticed. Apparently Sam was going to be let go but Tom put in a good word so she kept her job. Tom protects her in the office and constantly defends her.

She also said that Sam bitches about me to the whole office and it’s clear we don’t have a happy marriage. I asked if she was going to the Christmas party and she said she was. She said she’d update me if anything happened. Sam finished work early on Friday so she had time to get ready. She looked amazing and i really didn’t want her to go but I felt like I couldn’t say anything.

I got an instagram message about midnight saying that Sam and Tom hadn’t interacted at the party but that people from the office had decided to leave and go to a different bar. They all left just before 11 and were at the new bar by ten past. Sam and Tom turned up just before midnight. Sam arrived home about 2am not quite as drunk as last time and went straight to sleep. I pretended to be fast asleep.

I looked at the location history on her phone. After leaving the venue she’d taken a 3 mile detour to a residential street, stayed for half an hour, then gone to the bar. I sent the address to Helen. She didn’t reply until the next morning when she said it was Tom’s house. When Sam woke up I just asked her straight out if she cheated on me with Tom last night. She angrily denied it.

I told her that I knew she’d been to Tom’s house. She accused me of spying on her. Called me controlling. Said she was going to stay with her sister. I demanded an explanation and she said she went to his house so they could smoke a joint before heading to the bar. Then she stormed out. She wouldn’t reply to my messages or answer my calls all day Sunday.

I called her sister who said she hadn’t seen her, but she text me later that she’d spoken to Sam and she was ok. Sam came home yesterday morning. I asked where she’d been and she just said she couldn’t do this anymore and wants a divorce. She went to start packing some clothes while I tried to get her to talk to me. I asked if she was leaving me for Tom.

She once again denied anything inappropriate had happened between them but said my jealousy was the final straw. It’s clear I don’t trust her. I’m controlling. I take her for granted. She’s deeply unhappy. Has been for a while. So she’s gone.

Looks like I’ll be spending my first Christmas alone. I have no idea if she was telling the truth or if it was an affair. Weirdly I’m not feeling too bad today so maybe this is for the best.

Weeks after that, he posted this final update:

Once she was gone Sam blocked me on all her social media and refused to return my messages or answer my calls. I ended up travelling to the other side of the country to spend Christmas with my parents. On Christmas Eve Sam came home and took more of her stuff. I watched her on our security cameras. I tried phoning her but she ignored my calls.

Christmas wasn’t great and my parents were both shocked and in denial about what had happened. They had no idea we were having issues and insisted Sam would come to her senses and come home. Eventually I just said she’d met someone else. I returned home on the 27th. I’d been getting sporadic updates from Sam’s sister just letting me know she’s alright but without any details.

Before all this happened we’d made plans to spend New Year’s Eve at Sam’s favourite bar in the city. I went on my own but she didn’t show up. On Tuesday night I received an instagram message from Helen saying that Sam and Tom had arrived at work together in Tom’s car. I didn’t bother replying.

On Wednesday night she sent another message saying Sam was poisoning the office against her and that Tom was pushing upper management to transfer her to another office or get rid of her. She begged me to do something. I text Sam and said we needed to talk but she didn’t reply. So the next day I called her work switchboard, gave a fake name, and got put through.

I could tell she wasn’t happy to hear my voice but she agreed to meet up after work at a local pub and talk. I got there early and she arrived 25 minutes late. She apologised for ignoring my calls and said she still cares about me and wants to end things on good terms. I said just tell me the truth.

She promised that she wasn’t having an affair with Tom and they were just friends. She admitted that they talk a lot in the office but insisted it wasn’t an emotional affair. She understands why I was suspicious after the instagram message but said I should have accepted her denial and trusted her. She has a lot of male friends but she felt like she couldn’t hang out with them because I’d get jealous.

I pointed out that I’ve never told her not to hang out with anyone but she said I’d be in a mood whenever she’d hang out with a guy friend. She feels like we only got married to try and fix a relationship that was already broken. Our conversations have devolved into small talk and we’ve drifted apart. I said I’d heard that she and Tom arrived at work together.

Sam said she went to Tom’s after I accused her of cheating and knew it was over between us. They spent the weekend together and agreed that they’d make a better couple than we did. She needed me to know that nothing happened between them until after she’d told me she wanted a divorce. And now they were together. And she wanted me to hear it from her before I saw it on social media.

Tom was waiting outside for her in the car. All I could do was stand up and walk out. Sam text me saying she knew I was upset but not to do anything stupid. I blocked her number. I’m not gonna lie it was a rough night. The next day I was just numb. Didn’t really do much. Over the weekend I dug out our marriage certificate so I can start divorce proceedings. I’ve no idea what to say to Helen so I haven’t replied.

I think the plan now is to try and find a new job closer to my hometown. I moved across the country to live with Sam and I’ve never really felt settled here. I also don’t wanna run into her and Tom around town. Luckily we rent. This will probably be my last update unless something miraculous happens so thanks for reading.

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