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18 people share the immediate turn-offs they've read in bios on dating apps.

18 people share the immediate turn-offs they've read in bios on dating apps.


Witty banter in the DMs, swiping for hours, scanning the bar to find a stranger in a red shirt to discuss how many siblings they have--online dating can be a harrowing journey...

Before you can even get to the first date, though, there's a lot of condescending, arrogant or embarrassing little essays to filter out in the bios of potential matches. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the worst thing that a person can put on their bio on a dating app?' people were ready to share the blazing, blaring, hilarious or awkward red flags they've read while searching for a potential soulmate or friend with benefits.


“Entertain me.'If you want to see someone jump through unnecessary hoops to impress you, the circus is always an option. - throwitallaway2364


Need a healthy uterus. Not making this sh*t up. - mahitheblob


'Looking to lick feet' saw that one time. - Eli5678


'Looking for the Pam to my Jim' - sandersam


'I'm crazy lol' or something similar, I see a lot of 'I'm crazy but I'm fun!' phrases. Idk why people think crazy is attractive. - Difficult_Feed3999


'I'm blunt and I don't sugarcoat things' translates to: 'I'm an as*hole and I refuse to change' - FunkyKong147


“Let’s show my ex what she’s missing!!” - superslimetime


I haven't decided if this was best or worst but there was a guy whose picture was of animals mating and he said 'I'm just trying to get like these animals'. The honesty was great but I'm undecided on the content. - CuriousRelish


“My friends convinced me to do this…” Me: immediately swipes left - beigereige


Fluent in sarcasm - ridiculously_single


Guys above 6'0 ft only. - RougeScapist


“I’m not sure what to put here, just ask.” It’s annoying. I’m sure there are plenty that are worse but that’s the one that grinds my gears - mary_widdow


My OKCupid account had a bunch of questions and answers on it. On the 'which is bigger, the sun or the moon?' I accidentally selected 'moon' and I didn't notice it for, like, 6 months. So that. - BW_Bird


'Drama free' usually means the opposite. - cakeweefs


Aggressive demands. 'You'd better have your SH*T together!' Calm down Stephanie I'm not signing up for the marines - Blutos_Beard


'Hit me up on insta, I don't check this app' - psychSR20


'I’m insert height over 6ft here because apparently that matters' - herecauseoftwitter


'No face pic until I know you don't know my husband/wife.' I've seen this multiple times. - Transient_Empathy

Sources: Reddit
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