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Man shares ‘cringe’ texts that lead to canceled first date; asks, 'was I out of line?'

Man shares ‘cringe’ texts that lead to canceled first date; asks, 'was I out of line?'


Here we are on Tinder, where the name of the game is not to blow it before the first date even starts. One man failed that very simple objective, sending a text that led his date to back out of their plan. He took the rejection as well as anyone could. He apologized, thanked her for his time, and immediately posted to the internet to see what he did wrong.

"She cancelled our date because I said this? Was i out of line here?"

After asking his date if she was excited to meet up, he followed up her begrudging response with the line: 'Prove it then [wink emoji].' A hearty discussion ensued in the comments.

cashMoney5150 writes:

Sounds like YOU were excited. You could've just said that

ina_91 writes:

what were you hoping she'd say or send as proof of her excitement?

annamollyx writes:

Based on how other guys act I would have assumed you were asking for nudes

Kir-ius writes:

TBH that is pretty cringey on your part. It doesn't work with what she said at all and is quite awkward. Not sure what I would have said or done but in online dating if you kill the mood then cancelling and ghosting seems to be the way out

citrus_plntt writes:

reading “lol prove it then ;)” caused me to physically recoil from cringe. genuinely made me so uncomfortable, so i can fully understand why she cancelled.

annie130392 writes:

“Shower? Without me?” vibes

ehcanadianguy64 writes:

Big L on your part. But I'd say W reaction. You took the rejection well.

Skleppykins writes:

I dated a guy who used to do this and it straight up caused anxiety. It felt like I needed to perform on the spot. I found it weird, rude and demanding, and it turned me right off. What exactly were you expecting her to say, do, or send to that?

Jippers305 writes:

You should have left it at see you then. I think the rest just showed her you are desperate.

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