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11 inventions that humans should have never created.

11 inventions that humans should have never created.


The modern world would be nothing without inventors. Electricity, planes, Tik Tok, are things that people today wouldn't be able to live without. However, there are some inventions that the world could've done without. People list the creations the world never needed on a popular Reddit thread in the AskReddit Subreddit.

1. GoldenPotaterr says:

Single-ply toilet paper.

2. illusorywallahead says:

That little “press to open” tab on Kraft mac'n cheese boxes. That has been an effective way of opening those boxes exactly zero times.

3. magicbaconmachine says:


TelephoneTable adds:

I had a job in the early 2000s doing geophysics for a bomb disposal company. I didn’t do anything dangerous, but I was there when our ex-British army EOD people did.

We had to read a lot of manuals on the ordnance we expected to find when we did battle area clearance. This one landmine stuck in my mind. It was designed to spring up to groin height and injure your dick and balls.

Tactically brilliant, it destroys morale and slows an advance, etc. But I always thought about the engineers who designed it. Imagine coming from work and saying you had a great day after dreaming that up. Monstrous

4. Unadulteredmilk says:

Serious answer: chemicals and toxins that have caused severe health problems

Personal answer: Hp printers. F*cking piece of sh*t.

5. jorahos1 says:

Leaded gasoline

mike_owen adds:

Fun fact: Thomas Midgley, the inventor of leaded gasoline, also invented the first CFCs, which later caused the depletion of the ozone layer. There is an excellent episode on the “Cautionary Tales” podcast about this man, “the inventor who almost ended the world.”

6. MobCurt says:

Algorithmic Social Media. FB, Twitter, etc., the algorithm to show you more of what you like leads people into an echo chamber and causes polarization of people's views, helping dehumanize each other. MySpace was okay, with no algorithm and no extremes.

7. joyhan says:

Lobotomy. The worst part is the guy even got a Nobel Prize.

8. kevinmyval says:

Unskippable ads

ZenEvadoni adds:

Do you one better: websites you can't view without turning off Adblock.

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