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16 employees share the incident that happened at work that caused everyone to quit.

16 employees share the incident that happened at work that caused everyone to quit.


Quitting a job doesn't always have to be a rage-fueled, brutally honest rant in the middle of a meeting followed by inviting everyone to midday margaritas after, but some jobs are so horrible that you don't really have any other choice...

Remember: a two weeks notice is a courtesy, not a requirement. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What happened at work that made everyone quit at once?' people were ready to reveal the moment at the office that sparked a glorious mass exodus.


Business largely worked because the owner trusted his employees to do a good job. So the employees did a good job. The business was doing really well and the owner assumed it was all because of him so he started micromanaging everyone's job. People started dropping off like flies because the working conditions became intolerable. The company didn't last very long after that - polywha


They issued phone lockers. All the lube techs quit except for one but he got high at lunch the next day and got fired. Mind you this was one day after the boss just got back from his dad's funeral. - jond200


For the Xmas holidays about a decade ago after a very successful year coming out of the recession the boss showed up in a new 400k motor home to show everyone his new toy. It had the hydraulic slide outs for the living room; all the bells and whistles. Everyone got envelopes for bonuses. We were stoked. $5 Walmart gift cards. People just started walking out. - CherryManhattan


The restaurant shut down. Now that sounds like a 'duh' moment, but here's the thing. They told everyone (mostly working for minimum wage) that we'd still be required to work for another month, and then assist in packing up and tearing everything down afterwards.

If we didn't, we were told that the owners would do their best to ensure we couldn't get jobs anywhere else. So sure enough, almost everyone quit within the next day or two, and got new jobs. The owners stayed open to the last day, but would complain to guests about their terrible lazy staff who had abandoned them. - jimmy_costigan


At KFC, it was my second week there and I noticed a smell coming from the potato wedge warmer. Nobody else noticed it, and I asked if it could be moved to clean. Everyone said jo but the manager kinda looked surprised and said “yeah it does move, has no one cleaned it?”

So we moved it maybe a few inches and what seemed like a million maggots crawled out of it. We closed the store immediately and we were all told to clean it. Eventually every inch of the kitchen floor was covered in maggots, you couldn’t walk without hearing the awful crunch/squish. Most people left, me and one other person stayed. So not every one quit but most did. Also the store opened the next day. Don’t eat there. - _cherish_


Worked at Dairy Queen; someone was stealing money regularly during the closing shift. Many of us had a suspicion of who it was and I’m pretty sure most of us told our manager for fear of being blamed ourselves (we were certain it was the assistant manager who was with us on those closing shifts). Instead, our manager started randomly firing younger staff members for any minor discretion and blaming the missing money on them. When they fired me, it was the last straw and several of my co-workers walked out in solidarity. News flash: it was the assistant manager all along. I ended up threatening to go to the labor board and they kind of.. paid me off? - Dense_Society_2873


I worked at a KFC in the 80s. We had a really cool manager. I was assistant manager along with another, and lots of other great young people worked there. Our manager was hired to turn around the store and he was given a budget to buy new equipment. He also saved money on paper products and got the store really clean with our help. At the end of the year, he was fired by the upper management for 'spending too much'.

They then brought in a new manager who immediately set about giving us all a hard time. Everyone walked. The store had to shut down for several days and the new guy brought in his family to help run it. They store shut down permanently a few years later. The district manager offered me a job in management but I just didn't trust them at that point. - EurassesDragon


I worked at a petrol station when I was 16. One time we were robbed and a colleague was forced to empty the cash register at gunpoint. They took bout 3000€ cash and about 5000€ worth in cigarettes and tobacco. Our boss expected the heavily traumatized colleague to pay back the whole value that was stolen, because 'he could have just refused to give them anything.'

He obviously couldn't do that and refused to work for free for 4 months, so he was fired. He was a single dad with 6 months old twins. All of us 7 colleagues quit our jobs there immediately. - Limp-Sundae5177


When the managers said they could train monkeys to do the job... so all the staff retired... And they had to halt operations until they hired two staff to be on call ALL the time. Guess how long that lasted? - chiubacca82


Worked at a cheap clothing retail store while I was in college. 15-20 hrs/week for the first several months, as was most of the staff. Then we got a new manager who decided that the state-mandated paid breaks (15min after 4 hours) were a waste of money.

So he changed everyone’s shifts to 3hr 45mins or less so no one would get a paid break. Then people complained, so he hired a bunch of new people and reduced the old staff to about one shift a week.

Lost pretty much everyone who actually knew what they were doing in less than a month. I heard most of the new people also quit pretty quickly, once they figured out how dumbly the place was run. - functionalsock


Worked at a chain pizza place. The manager didn't approve of how well we cleaned and prepped for the next day. So we all came in to a note saying something to the effect of 'you are all replaceable' so we all said ok, took off the uniform and left. We didn't even lock up or close up shop.

Just walked off. Phones were ringing for orders, there were people coming in to the dining area but nobody was there working. Once she realized nobody was there she was calling everyone going nuts telling us to come to work or we're fired.

One person went back and tried to save it. I just reminded her that I was replaceable, and so was the person who signed my check, then hung up. They had to close for about a week or two to replace the staff. The location completely closed and filed bankruptcy less than a year later at least partly due to her leadership. The location is a Verizon store now. - Titan_Uranus_69


I worked at a bakery a while back, and while enjoyable at times it was generally a nightmare. There was one highlight though, and that was our second manager. We had three managers and the first and third were okay, but they never really motivated people and at times could be very rude.

Our second manager however was amazing. She was always encouraging, kind, understanding, and I never heard her get angry. She was the type of person who was meant to be a leader, and she did her job well. Too well.

Corporate decided to transfer her to another location since that one was failing, and pretty much everyone quit the moment we found out she was leaving. She was the glue that held us together and I still remember her as one of the best bosses I’ve ever had. - qyurryuz


Not my work, but close friends. Restaurant owner wasn't paying his staff and checks kept bouncing. So one night, they all said 'f*ck this', closed up shop together and left. Owner got ran out of town after Social Media and reg media took over. He closed down both of his places (the second also had a staff walk out the week prior to the first) and sold the buildings. - SnoopThereItIs88


Manager kept pitching Amway to us on breaks and then cut hours of those that didn't sign up under him. We worked in retail at the mall. - rayrayrayray


Company did a survey of employee happiness. It had super limited answers. We filled it out and tried to explain that, internally, our team was doing well and we were happy but just about everyone had problems with two other employees outside the team who were bullies in important positions.

The company asked us instead what -we- could do better so the bullies don't bully... Over half the team quit within a month which is unheard of at that company and our team was/is a corner stone of the entire business. - Butterbubblebutt


I worked at a bread manufacturing plant. This happened in the bagging area. A worker tripped and somehow the way he landed his hand slipped underneath the machine guard and into a chain.

Cut off his arm just below the elbow. The supervisor insisted we just wipe off the machine with a towel and continue running the rest of the already baked product. Twelve out of sixteen including myself quit. I found out later the manager fired that supervisor that day. - Bignona

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