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17 former employees who were fired on the spot reveal what they did.

17 former employees who were fired on the spot reveal what they did.


Getting fired is never a fun process, but when it happens so abruptly that you barely have time to mourn the job, it can at least be the beginning of a funny story...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'People who have been straight up fired on the spot. What happened?' people were ready to reveal how their normal shift ended in packing up their desk. Remember to always have a snack and a deep breath before telling customers the truth.


I got fired from Borders because the person that was covering for me while I was on vacation got fired. What's even more messed up, I didn't even find out directly from them, Jose's girlfriend (she also worked there) texted me saying, 'Hey Jose got fired and you should probably call them because they have been expecting you.'

I called and store manager was like, 'Yes, you're terminated. You can come and pick up your last check.' I didn't even bother arguing because I was gonna give my two weeks notice when I got back anyway because I was sick of their bullsh*t. -eDgAR-


Back in 2012, I worked in a sh*tty restaurant in my hometown. I was a dishwasher, and the place would skimp out on feeding me during my shift by saying they were too busy. They only had me and one chef on, so no matter how many people were eating during lunch it was all on him.

Anyway, after one shift I go to clock out and see my boss having an interview with someone, I say my goodbyes and head home for the day, the next morning, about 10 minutes before I go in for my shift, my boss calls me and tells me to “not come in that day. In fact, don’t come in again.

You’re fired.” He refuses to give me a reason, but I suspect that the guy he was interviewing was a friend of his and he wanted my job. Found out it closed a year later because the owner of the restaurant was convicted of money laundering and drug trading. - peanutandsoap


Started work at a daycare once. We're told if littles have a hard time going down for nap, sit next to them and pat their backs. I was doing this, and my back was killing me, so I stretched out next to the kid's cot. Was laying there patting when the boss stormed in and said, WAKE UP, YOU'RE FIRED! B*tch I wasn't f*cking sleeping but these nursery rhymes damn sure got me ready to so toodles! - kickingyouintheface


My boss set me up to be fired with an email he knew I would react badly to. When I reacted badly he fired me on the spot. Joke was on him, I took the other two guys in my department with me and our company suddenly had no tech support.

I was supposed to be going on an international trip the following week, and since we were all gone it had to be delayed indefinitely, which ended up costing the company the order. About $3 million because he didn’t like that I didn’t want to travel 150 days a year on a 5% travel contract. Karma’s a b*tch. - isabsolutelyatwork


Fired from a sandwich shop because I couldn’t cut the tomatoes fast enough. As I was being fired, the manager asked me if I wanted to work the shift I was scheduled for the next day.....after being fired - infosciguy


I was driving a plow truck borrowed from the company owners friend and crashed it 3 hours into plowing I was told to leave the keys in it and go home. Never plowed snow again - [deleted]


I was 16, it was my first job. I had landed a nice IT Help Desk job, answering phones, logging jobs, fixing internet, sh*t like that. 6 weeks of unpaid training, and 6 months of working hard landed me with my own office and a weird medley of every job there was to have (Only the CEO and I had our own offices).

I wasn't paid more, I wasn't given any more recognition and they actually had the balls to ask if I could work tue-fri on a lower pay (I got mondays off from school). They wanted me to work monday to friday, 8-8 on a $8/hr pay so I said no and was fired instantly in front of 12 other coworkers. Awkward. - CrazedFirebaIl


I forgot to pay for a hotdog I ate the previous day of work. I had the money to pay and I would have if they asked me to. It genuinely slipped my mind but the manager was treating me as a serious thief. Kinda sucked but the job was pretty terrible too. Retail usually is. - Strawberryswisher1


I was told that my position was being terminated, not just at our branch but company-wide, and was escorted back to my office to pack up my stuff. It wasn't dramatic or anything, but it was a shock. I didn't get to say goodbye to anybody. Just two days prior, I'd had my performance review and received glowing praise, while the entire time, they knew they'd be letting me go in a couple of days. That's what bothered me the most. - agentdanascullyfbi


I was working for a small family owned restaurant. All the wait staff, and most of the kitchen staff was family or friends with the owner. I was hired as a waitress, and I did okay, not great, not terrible, it was my first time being a waitress. One day, one of their regular customers came in, who is a bit of a local celebrity.

He apparently came in once or twice a week, and tipped very well. Normally the owner's daughter would take the table, but she was out sick so I took them. I got an amazing tip from him, and he told the owner that he would like me to wait on them if I am available in the future. The second he left I was fired. - Devornine


I told my manager at a fast food place that I was going to be looking for a new job, and to not schedule me after this pay period. The next week, I see my name on the schedule and ask her what the deal is.

'I told you I was going to get a new job and not to schedule me.'

'Well, did you get a new job yet?'

'No. But I'm still not sticking around this one.'

'Well you know what, you can just not come back here now with that attitude.'

She sure showed me. - hihungryimdadDOTcom


Was working in the deli counter of a supermarket. Asked from my closest manager that if I could come next week on thu 2 hrs later because I had a final exam that morning. Got fired on the spot. 'Don't bother coming to work tomorrow, you're fired' - KMelkein


Worked at a call center. (Telemarketing). It was my grandmother's birthday. We didn't hit sales quota for the day the boss told me I had to stay until we hit. I told him family was more important. Got fired immediately. Best decision ever - ExcusablePlot


I handed my boss my two week notice and she ripped it in half and said 'Don't bother, you're done today.' HQ wasn't too thrilled with her decision as they had to pay me a severance because of her hatred towards me. - [deleted]


Everyone was fired in one fell swoop. They decided to stop having our work from home department. It explained why I'd spent the last 2 weeks training people who they'd originally said were not eligible to work my job. - meow_witch


Was working in a restaurant. Server broke a glass in the ice bin. Didn't clean it up or tell anyone. Just went about her business. Another server went to get drinks for her table and found glass in the ice. Owner fired her on the spot because she could have easily killed somebody if the other server wouldn't have caught it. - beej0406


Chef here. Got fired because I sent a steak out that 'had char on it.' The only 'char' on it was grill marks. Ok lady, you probably just saved me a huge mess - [deleted]

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