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20 people debunk the most irritating common myths and assumptions about their jobs.

20 people debunk the most irritating common myths and assumptions about their jobs.


We've all told someone what we do for work only to be met with a barrage of ill-informed, stereotype-inspired questions about how working in HR must be just like Toby from 'The Office'....

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's your profession's myth that you regularly need to explain 'It doesn't work like that' to people?' people were ready to debunk the most irritating and incorrect assumptions about their careers. Remember: bartenders aren't just getting paid to party, flight attendants aren't plane waiters, and being a doctor isn't like 'Grey's Anatomy.'


As an engineer, I have to explain a lot of time that the law of energy and mass conservation can't be broken. - Bobraie


I work in a bakery. Baking stuff for 5000 people every day will take all night to do so when we run out of something during the day. We can't just slap something together in five minutes. Come back tomorrow and we can get it for you. - AlleywayGum


Although I'm a skilled teacher the students need to do the learning. I can't do it for them. -MrsMisthios


Something being 'off the record.' If you're speaking to a journalist, you can't just say 'off the record' and then spill your guts. You need to have agreed with the journalist beforehand that you will not be quoted. - Yossarian__


Nobody cares about your app idea. - nutterbutter1


If something isn't stocked on the shelf and I tell you it isn't in the back then it isn't in the back and I can't magically make it appear out of thin air... - m_g2468


Just because I’m a psychologist doesn’t mean I’m immune to psychological disorders or distress. - 0_0moon0_0


Video production. Your only options in the edit are what the camera captured. - JhymnMusic


The worst part of retail isn’t bad customers it’s bad management. You only have to be with the customers .005% of the time, you have to be with the management almost your entire shift. A good boss can make even the worst customer not a big deal. - justagirl2696


It's not dinosaurs we're looking for, it's the remains of human activity. No, we didn't find any gold. - NunquamAccidet


As a bank teller. I don't give two f*cks about what you do with that 10k in cash, but the government does and im literally just doing my job by asking. If you're running a business that routinely handles large amounts of cash you should do your f*cking research on how the bank MUST track it. - michigal93


When someone finds out you're an accountant 90% of the time they will say 'great, so you can help with my taxes haha' . There are loads of accountants who may never see taxes in their day-to-day and have minimal knowledge from their certification only. - dahliafluffy


Being a car mechanic that specializes in a couple of cars. We don't know everything about how to fix the car out of our heads. we use Youtube a lot to figure out stuff we don't know. - potato13254


There aren’t just buckets of grant money available for your wacky idea. You have to have a track record, an organization, a plan and a budget. It’s highly competitive. - Soobobaloula


Antibiotics don't work on viral diseases. - The_Max_V


That converting to salt water pools does not ‘get rid of the chlorine’. Salt is sodium chloride, salt gets converted to chlorine in a salt water pool, and you use the exact same test kits to monitor the chlorine levels in the pool water. - Malka8


Computer animation doesn’t mean the computer does the animation…I do. - CheeseburgerBrown


I'm a retired used bookstore owner. People were always saying 'Oh, I would love to own a bookstore. You can read all day.'. Um, no. It's actually a lot of hard, physical work, (boxes of books are heavy), lots of bending and reaching. And then you get to clean the store and do the paperwork. Owning any retail store is not an easy job! - lmcbmc


Me being a professional photographer doesn't mean I can use your iPhone in a dimly-lit corridor to turn your half-drunk face into a photographic masterpiece to rival my best studio work. - le_wild_asshole


Your terminally ill grandmother isn't 'becoming addicted' to her pain medication. She's dying in as much comfort and with as much dignity as we can provide. - Aggressivecleaning

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