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16 jobs that people think are bad for your health.

16 jobs that people think are bad for your health.


Most people need to work a job to sustain their life. Sometimes people fall into a job they love, and others pick up jobs they need to survive. However, not all jobs are good for you. At the end of the day, nobody should live to work; instead, you should work to live.

On a popular Reddit thread in the AskReddit Subreddit, people share the jobs they think are bad for your overall health.

They write:

1. Poorly-Drawn-Beagle says:

I imagine trucking comes with a lot of problems.

2. username987654321a says:

Farmers. My dad was exposed to toxic herbicides/pesticides, and his doctors attributed his terminal stomach cancer to his decades of exposure.

3. Jrk16 says:

Emt. Those hours are unbelievable.

4. Mowings1 says:

Bartending. There are so many alcoholics on both sides of the bar you become friends with. It can be difficult to keep yourself in check.

5. Consistent-Panic-996 says:

Welding, did that for 15 years. Breathing in toxic fumes all day and sneezing into a kleenex and it would be black

6.Toxikfoxx says:

Bouncer/Security. I spent time as a bouncer, bar-back, and concert security in my younger days. Nothing like having a drunken a** take swings at you for trying to do your job. Or getting blind-sided by a beer bottle to the head, etc., 100% not a long-term sustainable role.

7. Saint2th says:

K-12 teaching particularly. My mother’s a teacher - overworked, underpaid.

8. HollyRoller66 says:

Healthcare workers, chronic lack of sleep due to understaffing, potentially combative patients, various communicable diseases, and sometimes threats from patients/their families.

9. Ok_Woodpecker_323 says:

Firefighters, the amount of cancer-causing exposures is mind-boggling. We will see a huge increase in firefighting-related cancer due to the amount of 'forever chemicals' released from synthetic materials when they burn.

10. OkLead9868 says:

Public accounting.

11. kittenxx96 says:

Nursing. My sister has been a nurse for two years and is already burnt out. She makes decent money, but at what cost?

12. thatsoneuglybaby says:

Construction, breathing in dust all day, working in weird positions, heavy lifting, loud, dangerous tools, and so on.

13. Klutzy_Ad_8085 says:

Competitive eating.

14. OddlyPerplex says:

The military.

15. grip_n_Ripper says:

African cobalt miner.

16. cohotad679 says:

Dolphin trainer. You wear a wet suit in all weather, you get sh*t pay and at the end of the day you feel like a monster because you realize how f*cking smart dolphins are.

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