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Angry 'Karen' yells at singer busking in Central Park, the crowd retaliates.

Angry 'Karen' yells at singer busking in Central Park, the crowd retaliates.


We've seen our fair share of entitled Karens demanding to speak to managers and racist Karens calling the cops of people of color for existing in public spaces, but what about a 'Ken' throwing an adult temper tantrum because he doesn't want to hear beautiful music while walking his adorable golden retriever?

When a hilariously angry New Yorker was caught having an embarrassingly immature meltdown over a young busker simply trying to have their music heard, the internet roasted him into outer space.

Has this man never heard of headphones? Why on earth would you, as a New York City resident, want to hear the sounds of the city while walking your dog? Doesn't he know that the city sounds like a cacophony of terror from the 4th layer of hell even on the most beautiful Autumn afternoon? He's so quick to call people out for being tourists and yet he has no idea that a main feature of New York culture is keeping your head down and ignoring everything that's going on around you at any given moment.

Of course, the jury of internet strangers didn't let this man get away with this one. The comments are brutal, beautiful and completely justified. Someone save this dog, please...

cturtl808 said:

And, yet again, an innocent dog is involved.

Love_God551 said:

“Can someone please get this gentleman the park manager?'

SpankBankManager noted that he's making a lot of noise considering he's complaining about noise...

Sir, this is a quiet zone. Could you please keep it down?

ttjr89 made this glorious observation:

Dude looks like Danny Devito and Larry David had a love child.

Shrimpybarbie said:

The dog looks embarrassed.

Luckily, no one was on this man's side in real life or online. Good luck to this singer, wherever they are!

Sources: Reddit
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