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13 people who had close encounters with murderers share their stories.

13 people who had close encounters with murderers share their stories.


We are surrounded by complete strangers every time we venture out into the world, and we trust that most of them are good people who pose no threat to us. Because we've survived countless Uber rides, late-night walks, and pizza deliveries to understand that everyone isn't out to get us.

But you might pass by a serial killer on the sidewalk, or share a conversation on an elevator ride with a murderous co-worker, and have no idea just how close you are to actual danger.

People are sharing their stories of coming face-to-face with murderers, and how they came to realize their brushes with death after the fact.

1. SuperGayLesbianGirl had a murderous co-worker:

He murdered another co-worker & slept with her body under his bed for a couple months, the sick bastard.

His name is Erik Grumpelt. Google him if you want. There's plenty of news stories.

I knew them both, murderer & the victim. Our work was very quiet & in shock the day we all heard about it, actually for several days. We just couldn't believe it. What really messed with me was that she had been missing for a couple months and nobody reported her missing or thought it was odd for her to just disappear.

Work just marked her down as a "no call/no show" and eventually terminated her employment. There was no follow up. Like, no other coworkers attempted to contact her? Or if they did try to, they didn't think it was odd when they never could get ahold of her?

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