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Terrible boss tries to sue employee, ends up getting himself slapped and fired.

Terrible boss tries to sue employee, ends up getting himself slapped and fired.


'Coworker got sued and then sued the company'


I work in an office in Europe. A coworker of mine let’s call him Martin was the most respectful, funniest and happiest person I’ve ever met. He never complained when he got extra work and always had a smile on his face.

Our manager let’s call him Bob was the opposite of Martin. His intentions were always to humiliate and take advantage of people. He tried to break Martin so many times with his passive aggressiveness and his toxic attitude but never was successful.

Once Martin wanted to leave early to visit his mother in the hospital who suffered from cancer. But Bob gave Martin extra work with the reason that his mother was going to die anyway and that he has more important things to do.

Martin turned around and gave Bob the hardest slap on the face I’ve ever seen someone give. 6 people have witnessed the slap including. Martin not only got fired but also was sued by Bob.

Martin pleaded self-defense and said that I and our other coworkers could confirm. I and my coworkers also remember it that way, that indeed Martin acted in self defense.

Then Martin sued the company because the termination of his contract was not legal since Martin didn’t do anything which could violate the company’s policy. Martin was represented by the unions lawyer and he got his compensation. Bob also got fired.

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Maybe the real slaps in the face were the solidarity we made along the way.


Reminds me of Ken McElroy they guy who was shot to death in front of the whole town he lived in for being a public nuisance and somehow even tho 30-40 people were present at the shooting and multiple firearms were fire no one saw who fired the guns.


If this is a true story, you should really be more careful about admitting to perjury online.


A friend of mine died of (officially) an “accidental overdose”. They ruled it that way so his family could collect his life insurance policy more than anything.

I was at work when all of this came out. My manager was on his EDO so the MOD was in charge. I had sick time & I wanted to use it, because I was crying & in no condition to sell product over the phone for the day.

After I was crying without stopping for over an hour, she finally let me use the sick time I’d accrued but made me get a Doctor’s note. She told me before I left “I don’t understand why you are so upset, it’s not like “dead friend” was someone you saw every day.”

It took all of my self control not to say to her “I see you 5 days a week & I wouldn’t take the afternoon off for your funeral if they gave us the time off & paid us for it.”

Instead on Monday morning I threw the letter on my managers desk & told him if I was ever required to get a doctors note (25$ at the time) for PAID sick time again, all he’d be getting is my letter of resignation.


If this had happened in America not only would Martin be in prison but his dying mom would be getting harassed at the hospital by her manager demanding she come back to work or find someone to fill her shift.

Pretty crazy story. Have you ever gotten sweet petty revenge against a boss?

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