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Lesbian bride shares little boy’s wholesome reaction to finding out she married a woman.

Lesbian bride shares little boy’s wholesome reaction to finding out she married a woman.


Love is love. And though some adults unfortunately have to learn this (and unlearn the homophobia and heteronormativity they've been taught), most children know it implicitly. Because we are all born with open hearts and open minds. A perfect example of this is a lesbian bride's story of a little boy's reaction to learning that she was marrying another woman

This is Bea Webster and her wife Emma.

Bea and Emma were posing for wedding photos with their photographer, Kirsty McLachlan, when a little boy approached with his mom. He commented: 'Look at those princesses!' And when he asked if one of them got married, Emma responded: 'We married each other!'

This was the boy's reaction, captured in emojis and photos:

I highly recommend zooming in on the little boy's joyful expression at learning that 'two princesses can marry each other':

“My wife and I decided we had to speak to him,” Emma Webster-Mockett told HuffPost. “I nearly cried! My wife was just over the moon. And we were both delighted that the boy’s mother didn’t hesitate and just stepped right in and normalized same-sex marriage.”

“I hope that people see that if a child could understand two women marrying each other, then why can’t lawmakers and people who have the power to make a difference see that too?” she said. “And give the LGBTQIA+ community the same rights and treatment as heterosexual people.”

Bea Webster shared the wholesome story on Twitter on the couple's 2nd wedding anniversary and it went wildly viral, with over 22 thousand retweets and hundreds of supportive comments.

Another bride responded by sharing her own wholesome story about the 'pureness' of a child reacting to her on her being a 'princess' on her wedding day:

Happy Pride!
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