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Woman tries to ditch husband's family reunion for free amusement park trip. AITA?

Woman tries to ditch husband's family reunion for free amusement park trip. AITA?


'WIBTA if I ditched the family reunion for an amusement park day'


Hey everyone! So I have been mulling something around in my head for the past few days, and I thought I would come on here to see what other, unbiased individuals might think.

My employer recently announced that they are bring back the tradition of taking the whole company out for a day at a local amusement park. However, the day has been announced for the same day as my husband's paternal family reunion.

I've spoken to my husband about potentially wanting to ditch the reunion and go to the amusement park instead, (I would just go, and husband would go to the reunion alone, which also feels awkward because I feel like we should uphold the 'united front' as husband and wife) and it started as a joke but I've been thinking about it since then.

My husband has been supportive of the idea, but I don't really trust his judgement in social situations as he can be a bit ... apathetic.

On one hand, it's just a family reunion and will happen every year, and I'm unsure if the amusement park thing will happen every year again too, but it probably will.

On the other hand, I can't help but think that FIL might feel betrayed or upset if he found out that I didn't come to the reunion in lieu of a day at the park.

So, WIBTA if I went to the amusement park day instead of the family reunion?

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YTA. It sounds like you already agreed to go to the reunion, but now want to ditch it for a better invitation. That is just bad manners.


YWNBTA. If they do it annually you can see them next year.


You could see the amusement park as a work team building exercise. Getting to hang out and bond with your colleagues in a relaxed, away from work setting. You could even push it further and say although it’s not mandatory it would be frowned upon to miss it.


YWBTA, assuming you're already confirmed for the family reunion. You don't get to ditch a social engagement just because something you'd rather do comes along. If it were a work requirement, that would be a different story. But this just sounds like a social event, not a team-building exercise or anything.


you would be a little bit of an a**hole. personally, i believe that if you’ve already agreed to an event that has been planned way beforehand, especially a family event, it would be a bit rude to suddenly cancel on them because another thing came up, unless that thing was super important. i do understand this company event may mean a lot to you, but this reunion could mean a lot to your FIL and your husband’s paternal side too, even if it happens annually.

What advise would you give the OP? I mean it is more of her husband's family reunion. Plus, free waterpark? And it is technically a work event...

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