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17 people share the ridiculous lies they've been told.

17 people share the ridiculous lies they've been told.


People lie. It's a typical response when people are uncomfortable confronting the truth. There are times when people lie about the most nonsensical things. There are some classics like, 'I have a girlfriend, but she goes to a different school.'

On a popular Reddit thread in the AskReddit Subreddit, people share ridiculous lies they've heard.

They write:

1. BW_Bird says:

This dude showed me his bad anime girl drawings when we were in high school. I told him they looked OK (I was being polite), but he took offense and told me they won him an Emmy.

2. mogulina says:

Over the weekend, my friend told my own story to me as if it was his, and I didn't know what to do but pretend to laugh.

3. flapjaxrfun says:

My cousin and I were born in the same room on the same day. My mom and his mom are sisters. He lied to me about his age when we were both 24.

4. Hello_I_Am_Me_Again says:

One afternoon, a kid in my sophomore (10th grade) class spread a rumor that there were three bombs at our (rural) high school. One in the principal's office, one in the library (middle of the school), and one out in the area where the buses were located. The bombs were supposed to go off around 1 pm.

Not sure if he was ever investigated (or how far the rumor spread), but nothing happened aside from freaking some of us out. This was pre-Columbine, which is probably why it didn't end up with an arrest.

5. Skiddds says:

Kid in the 6th grade told me his parents died on the Titanic.

6. PenaltySquare2414 says:

Many many years ago, I worked as a Nightclub bouncer. I carded a young-looking guy, and he handed me my driver's license, which I had lost three months earlier.

7. A-D-H-D-AF says:

There was this one dude on reddit that pretended he didn't know what a potato was and royally f*cked up his relationship with his girlfriend's parents.

8. paper-machevelian says:

When my sister was very little (3 or 4), she idolized my mum. One of the things she would do is wet a paper towel and wipe surfaces to mimic my mum. Unfortunately, this cleaning method would leave streaks of water and little bits of paper everywhere, which my mum had to clean on top of already cleaning the surfaces.

So one day, she sat my sister down and explained that she shouldn't do this, as it's counterproductive. My sister said she understood. Anyway, one day, Mum sees my sister quietly going upstairs in the middle of the day. She thinks that's strange, so she asks, 'Where are you going?'

My sister replies: 'Oh, I felt tired, so I'm just going to nap.' My mum says: 'Oh, that's good. Ok, sleep well.' My sister takes a few steps, pauses, and says: 'I'm not going to wet this paper towel and wipe the mirrors.' My mum firmly calls her down, to my sister's exclamations of 'How did you know?!?'

9. tatorface says:

My daughter spray-painted my son's name on the side of my house. She claimed he did it himself when asked about it, even though his name was horribly misspelled. Little sh*t, lol.

10. Comfortable_Pen_7635 says:

My coworker kept calling out for her grandmother’s funeral. She did it six times to six different supervisors.

She tried a seventh time, but Grandma had been shopping that morning and was already seen by my supervisor. I was like girl, that is bad karma don’t do that!

11. NOT000 says:

The dude claimed he had 16 mil in the bank and it gave him $20,000 bucks a day in interest.

12. wenzdaynighter says:

We can’t afford to give you a raise.

13. GayNon-BinaryLeo says:

'My dad had his arm bitten off by a shark but luckily it grew back.'

14. StarlightStars says:

When I was in elementary school I had this friend who really liked to make up stories. Well after Halloween, she was telling me the 'story' of how her mom made her give all her candy to her brother. Then she said-

Her: And I was only allowed to eat one- *pause* What's the smallest candy?

Me: A single nerd

Her: Yeah, I was only allowed to eat one single nerd

15. WrathsEntropy says:

My son at four years old. Cake on his face

Son: 'I didn't do it.'

Me: 'Son, you have cake on your face.'

Son: 'Some bad man came in by the vent and made me eat it. I didn't want to cause it was nasty and I didn't wanna eat it!'

Me: ...

Son: 'It was a turtle too!'

Me: 'A man or a turtle?'

Son: 'Yes. It was a... I DON'T HAVE CAKE ON MY FACE!' (He proceeds to try to run, trips, then...)

Son: 'Oh no there was cake on the floor and it got on my face.'

Had to give him props for creativity and thinking on his feet/face but not out loud.

16. AFuckinAtodasso says:

'I have a Lamborghini but it’s at my grandma’s house and no you can’t see it.' - Timmy in grade 3. Why the f*ck did you have a car at 10 Timmy?!

17. Jenny-24 says:

The dumbest lie I ever heard was when someone claimed they were a professional ninja trained in the ancient art of invisible warfare. They insisted that they could turn invisible on command but conveniently couldn't demonstrate it because they were wearing their 'visibility cloak' that day. Needless to say, they disappeared from my life pretty quickly after that!

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