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17 common facts that people are tired of explaining.

17 common facts that people are tired of explaining.


Life is governed by simple facts like exercise is good for your health, pasta is Italian, and the Earth is not flat. These are all things most people can agree are true because they're pretty standard. It turns out not everyone understands common truths.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Ask Reddit Subreddit, users share the most common facts that they know they're tired of explaining.

1. spunkyweazle says:

If I'm working at night, I must sleep for some of the day.

2. citizenbunny says:

Nothing’s wrong. It’s just my face.

3. Ramon80589 says:

Software developers are not computer technicians.

4. AttilaTheFun818 says:

Everything is made of chemicals. Not everything “natural” is good, and not everything “man-made” is bad.

5. georgeathens1 says:

Viruses are not bacteria. Bacteria are not viruses

6. Jagged_Rhythm says:

Type-1 diabetes isn't caused by your diet, and it cannot be cured.

7. Lylat_System says:

I have insomnia. No, I can't just 'think about nothing.'

8. pumpkinthighs says:

Just because someone doesn't always need their disability aids doesn't mean they're not disabled and faking it. Someone who needs a wheelchair to get around doesn't always mean they can't use their legs. They can still walk short distances.

9. sadly-ginger says:

I'm ginger, and many people ask me if ALL my hair is also ginger.

10. chizmanzini says:

WiFi does not equal internet, I'm mostly telling this to my kids. We frequently lose internet connectivity, but the WiFi will be working fine. They will never understand.

11. O118999881999II97253 says:

I got a job at NASA. All extended family asks is if the moon landing was real. Pain.

12. HalvJapanskFyr says:

Maintaining a safe following distance is the easiest way to avoid accidents, yet most people aren’t doing it. It’s impossible to react in time to prevent an accident if you’re following less than two seconds behind someone. Finally, two seconds is way longer than most people think; most will count one second. It doesn’t get you where you’re going faster. The accident will always be your fault.

13. Pristine_Walrus40 says:

An hour-long Youtube video about something does not mean it is true. It could mean that some crazy or stupid person posted an hour-long video about nothing.

14.NeverCadburys says:

Wheelchairs aren't cheap, and 'cheap' wheelchairs are not suitable for everyone or hardly anyone. It's not a choice of a £30k wheelchair or a £300 wheelchair; it's a choice between sitting in a chair that fits the needs of the user that enables them to be active in their life or sitting in an unsupportive seat on wheels that physically harms the person until they're out of it again.

15. pasafa says:

Antibiotics will not help your virus, even if you feel cr*ppy.

16. CannaKitchen757 says:

Apostrophes don’t make words plural.

17. AsleepBirthday8739 says:

Airplanes don't fall out of the sky when they lose an engine. A 747 can glide nearly 100 miles after losing all engines at cruise.

Sources: Reddit
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