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15 people share what improved their life so much they wish they'd done it sooner.

15 people share what improved their life so much they wish they'd done it sooner.


No matter how good your life is, it could always be better.

While it's all too easy to imagine massive magical life shifts that would radically alter the everyday fabric of our existence, it's cumulative small habits that truly improve our life quality.

Sure, this might not sound as romantic as a massive overhaul, but it's encouraging to know there are actions we can immediately take to turn up the volume on our wellbeing and functionality.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared small changes that improved their life so much they wish they'd done them sooner.

1. From Hippo_pool_party:

Actually seeing a Neurologist. I had headaches for 30 years. I went to help with migraines but it turns out the day after I took the first pill, I didn't have a headache at all. I realized I'd lived my life with a headache every damn day. It's still weird to me not having one.

2. From livin_ina_simulation:

Spending as little time on social media as possible, especially looking at people's stories on Instagram and comparing myself to them. It used to make me feel like I am not good at anything.

3. From noodle_blur8:

Not rushing to be in love or a relationship. Don't settle for any form of BS just enjoy life with cool people who respect you and you have fun with. But I also heard vitamins do wonders for your mental health but I just starred like three days ago so the results are still out for that. Also trying to drink more water and more active but I suck

4. From BrainKatana:

Regular exercise.

Not “hitting the gym” or “working out” or anything with major intensity or organization.

I just found a place to ride my bike. Makes me feel like a kid again.

5. From inside-toms-diner:

I learned to apologize. Used to never admit to my faults and make excuses, but once you do it really helps with your self-worth and perception.

6. From auctionsbc:

CPAP machine for sleep apnea. Seriously, if you’re reading this and you’re on the fence, do it. It will change your life.

7. From 314159265358979326:

Starting taking supplements. It turns out I've got absorption issues with some vitamins and minerals. Iron made the biggest difference by far, reducing the amount of sleep I needed by 4 hours, getting my bipolar under control, reducing headaches, and a bunch more. K2 and a multivitamin cut the amount of sleep I need by an hour and enabled me to lose weight.

8. From fargmania:

Quality shoe inserts...and quality shoes for that matter.

9. From Sentellqa:

Removing ALL of my socks and replacing them with just one kind.

Stop looking for pairs now.

10. From Surprise_Corgi:

Therapy. Imagine reflecting back on over 30 years of life you missed, because you were the reason you couldn't allow yourself to be happy. 30 years. You don't get that time back.

11. From SandraVirginia:

Investing in a good mattress. I can actually sleep now and my life is so much better.

12. From BurgersAt7am:

Overnight shifts. As an asocial person on the spectrum, with nothing requiring me to be available during the day, I tried my hand at overnight shift a couple years ago. I am fucking HOME! Being away from customers while making well over $20/hr in retail is pretty f**kin sweet.

And sleeping noon-8pm every day means that family never asks me to attend dinners or other gatherings, and if they do, I have a solid reason for declining. I should have done this decades ago.

13. From jtbc:

Hiring a cleaner. I am pretty messy and having someone come in to clean makes me tidy up, and then the place is completely clean. I always thought I couldn't afford it, but now I don't know how I could afford not to.

14. From Pratius:

I took basically all of last year as a dry stretch and man, it’s pretty crazy. Between cutting the alcohol calories and filling my time with more exercise/playing hockey, I lost 40 lbs. Best shape I’ve been in since I played in college and had trainers and team regimens and stuff. I still drink but it’s way less, and with much more mindfulness. Just feel so much better.

15. From Wrournerew:

Buying a good knife for cooking.

Sources: Reddit
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