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20 people share 'basic' facts about life that a shocking number of people don't know.

20 people share 'basic' facts about life that a shocking number of people don't know.


Sharing the world with fellow human beings can often be a serious test of your faith in humanity, patience, and willpower...

Simply trying to get off a plane without snapping at someone for taking too long to remove their overhead luggage is an olympic-level endurance exam. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What’s some basic knowledge that a scary amount of people don’t know?' people were ready to share the debatably common sense life hacks and tips that a shocking number of people don't know.


Antibiotics do not work on a virus. - hushabyesecret


That you should wait for people to get off the elevator when it arrives at your floor, instead of cramming yourself in when the doors open, blocking their departure. - DVWhat


It’s not “loose” weight, it’s “lose” weight. Drives me nuts. - saqqara13


Being a feminist doesn’t mean you hate men - Murph523


That epipens and narcan do not stop reactions/overdoses. They slow them down so getting a person to proper care is still a necessity - HUE_nicorn


Every one speaks with an accent. Americans I’m looking at you… “I don’t have an accent!” Yeah ya do. (Sorry for the generalization to those Americans this doesn’t apply to!) - The_Cat_whiskerer


The Earth is not flat. - annoymous_911


The average person is chronically dehydrated. Drink more water. Stay hydrated. This is a threat - GenPhallus


That social media isn’t real life. - sunnydaze4e


Ponies are small horses, not baby horses. - TheMightyGoatMan


How to check if a source is credible. Misinformation is straight up killing people - Foodexpa


There’s a long handle on the side behind your steering wheel that when you flick it up or down it turns an orange flashing light on that tells other drivers around you which way you’re going to be turning. - Nefiros1


Women don't pee through their vagina - Yetiman82


A guest requested their chicken to be cooked medium rare this week. I don't understand why I have to stress that chicken only leaves the kitchen when it's completely cooked - Gorr-of-Oneiri-


That pretty much every machine requires maintenance. Think dishwashers, washing machines, cars, mowers, etc. They aren't magic boxes. And they will last longer if you know how to maintain them. My mother in law is in her 80s and until recently didn't know that the dishwasher needs its filters cleaning every so often. - WhatAGoodDoggy


How to spell 'lose.' - jj77985


It’s “I couldn’t care less” not “I could care less.' - EditLyfe


That your opinion isn't protected from criticism just because you have freedom of speech. Arguments from faith hold zero credibility. - sorrybouthat00


Just because it's natural doesn't mean it is automatically healthy. Just because it is artificial or synthetic doesn't mean it is automatically bad for you. - halosos


Not to pour water into hot oil - jluub

Sources: Reddit
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