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26 people share the little thing that brightens their day when life seems dark.

26 people share the little thing that brightens their day when life seems dark.


Let's face it, the world can be a pretty dark place.

Sometimes it's hard to find joy in the dark. That may sound dramatic, but a little bliss can truly go a long way. 26 people shared on Reddit what simple pleasures can make all the difference in their lives.

What's a small thing that makes you unreasonably happy?



When my cat joins me in bed and snuggles up to my face - momoji13


A random baby looking over its parent's shoulder and giggling at me on the bus. - goss_reller


Cheering people up anonymously. I leave positive messages on peoples tumblrs when I see they're down and their happy responses make me feel like I have a purpose - jeroxe4075


Clocking out on Friday!!! - 156176v


The first day of the year when it’s warm enough to comfortably wear shorts. - ELEnamean


Waking up without an alarm, and not having any responsibilities for the day.

Though come to think of it that’s so rare with modern work schedules so maybe that’s kinda big - Swordbreaker925


Finding a really good song out of nowhere - BabuBhaiyaForever


dogs that are just happy and doing their thing. for example, if Im driving by and someone is walking their dog and the dog has that little step with the tail wag cuz they are loving their walks. it just makes me smile so much. - ImLookingatU


Back scratches - Shadow948


The smell of fresh baked bread. I don't even like bread that much, but the smell of it baking just makes me so happy. - Any_Elderberry_3985


That moment when you're studying or working on material you don't really comprehend and then, suddenly, you get that moment of realization and it just clicks. Then you feel like you are a master at work - natari3479


When it's sunny and I sneeze the moment I step outside. - smeghead1988


The first sip of coffee in the morning! - AShyAsian


Radiator pants.

No matter how bad my day is, when I drop my pants and put them on the radiator for five minutes, it always puts a smile on my face putting them back on. It's like my legs are being hugged by polar bears and not being mauled, it's amazing! - safofe2994


Catching all the green lights. - slimzimm


Jeans that fit well - FollowingSees


Smelling the residue of perfume/cologne that was left by a love one. - toopasta


When you find that one pen that just writes perfectly - Aggravating_Second98


When I'm on a long drive at night and there's a truck ahead of me on the road, I like to watch the truckies wave to each other by flicking the lights. It just makes me happy to see people connecting. - Fine-for-now


That brief second of silence when driving under a bridge in a rain storm - Jazz_Ball


Teapots. I don’t even drink tea but I have a decent sized collection of them and they’re gorgeous and they make me happy when I look at them. - TootsieMcJingle


Watching a fire blaze during a summer night. Preferably with your friends beside you and a drink in your hand. - jeroxe4075


Seeing that one person you love immensely do something they enjoy. That face they pull when they're focusing on it just puts a smile on my face. - wifobak266


Someone asking how I was doing. - Theoriginal_camovlog


I’m a 40+ year old lady who works in an office, and every day when I leave work in the winter, I do a reverse donut out of my spot in the empty parking lot and slide around on the ice, until I face the exit. It just makes me unreasonably happy. - ghostinyourpants


A perfectly cooked piece of bacon 🥓 - Remarkable_Living500

What is one small joy that can get you through even the roughest day?

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