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12 people share outrageous moments that can't be real.

12 people share outrageous moments that can't be real.


Everyone has one unbelievable story that you can't quite tell is made up or not. Whether its ghosts, a lucky moment, or not quite how science works

On a popular Reddit thread, people share some of the outrageous moments they've experienced in their lives.

1. minxmaymay is for open borders after this:

I once accidentally went thru the USA/Canada border trying to go to Walmart (I couldn’t do a U-turn once I was on the road for it, and I had blindly followed my GPS to go to the closest Walmart that I didn’t realize was in Canada.)

They searched my car, and I had four phones due to my internet job and also a baggy full of melatonin pills (I was in between moving to a new apartment, and I needed to bring the melatonin, but I lost the cap to the container, so I poured the pills into a baggy). My internet job involved posting affiliate links to cam sites to different Snapchat accounts at the time hence the four phones.

I spent hours at the Canadian border office in an interrogation room trying to convince them I wasn’t a drug dealer.

2. K1rkl4nd manifested their job:

Also, I wrote a short story back in college and threw a fictitious phone number in for the 'for a good time call.' line. I based it on some friends' room numbers. Fast forward six years, and I'm filling out a job app, and they have the same phone number. I've worked for them for 23 years now.

3. Nowtheresacoolguy wants to know who started the fire:

I’ve had a fire alarm go off in an MRI, a CT scan machine, and a radiotherapy treatment table. All of them require you to be inside the engines strapped in, all took place in different hospitals, and it was over the course of a year.

4. Independent-Pear-873 no way to introduce this. Just read it:

When I was a newborn, and my parents were bringing me home from the hospital for the first time, my neighbor ran outside and pointed a shotgun at my face, and yelled at my parents, “take that f*cking baby elsewhere; that thing is gonna cry and make too much noise.” Needless to say, the police were called, and the SWAT team became involved.

5. NotTodayGamer had a doctor that was a fan of Catch Me If You Can:

The doctor that was supposed to deliver me committed suicide rather than going to work that day. This was common knowledge in my family since I was a baby. Turns out he wasn’t a doctor, and the law had caught on.

6. AffectionateGrape923 is this a meet-cute?

I randomly met the dude that I was born with. Our mothers gave birth to us in the same hospital on the same day and shared a recovery room. Twenty-five years later, he was dating my roommate on the other side of the country.

7. SweetTea182 has a weird skill:

I was a sophomore in high school, and my mom worked at a hospital as head of security. They run drills to test each system, including infant abduction drills. So mom brought me in, and I had to go into a room and “steal” a fake baby. I shoved it in a Lowe’s bag, ran to the stairs, and made it out. One of the nurses threw a shoe at my head.

8. jackfaire knows someone that found the fountain of youth.

One of my classmates, who we all thought was a 15-year-old girl, was a 30-year-old woman.

9. unreliablememory never knew you could get kicked out of jail for this.

I was a news photographer in the '80s, covering a story in the local jail. Another photog was there that I didn't get along with. He didn't like me either. Words were exchanged, then elbows (that's how we fought when carrying TV cameras), and the unrest got progressively louder. Finally, the sheriff said, 'You boys got to take it outside. You upsettin' the inmates.'

10. bangersnmash13 has an eerie one:

I went to visit a friend's house with a group of friends. A friend we were visiting has an 'open door' policy with friends/family. No need to knock; just come in and announce yourself. So we all did exactly that. We all walked into his house and started saying 'Hello' a-la Mrs. Doubtfire.

We didn't hear anything at first, so we tried again. After the 4th or 5th 'Hello,' We finally hear a 'Hello!' from upstairs. We figured he and his wife were getting changed, so we sat on the couch waiting. About a minute later, my friend and his wife entered the front door. All of us screamed 'Hello!' sat there and looked at each other. We ALL heard the 'Hello!' coming from upstairs. To this day, we have no clue who said hello, but it was f*cking creepy.

11. macskenzer defying the laws of physics:

I was staying over at a friend's house when I was 16. It was pretty late, and we were in her room watching a movie when we suddenly saw headlights coming at her window quickly like it was about to hit the house. We both screamed and jumped out of bed, but then nothing.

We ran to look out the window, but no cars were in the driveway besides her mom's. Their driveway was long, and their house was pretty far off the road and isolated, so if someone were turning around, we would have seen them.

Shortly after that, the phone rang; it was the police calling to tell her mom that her dad had drunkenly crashed into someone’s house (everyone was okay, luckily). We told her mom what we experienced, but she didn’t believe us; no one we told did, so we just decided to keep it to ourselves. We still talk about it once in a while, 23 years later. It is one of the weirdest experiences I’ve had to date.

12. billbaparker says:

When we were growing up, this one kid's mom stuffed a piñata thing with lots of fruit. All I remember was her son smashing some Transformer-looking thing, it breaking open, fruit falling out, and us being like, 'where is the candy' then seeing insects falling along with the fruit and crawling in all the cr*p that dropped on the floor. Oh, and her son running away from the raining bugs and bananas, I remember that too.

Sources: Reddit
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