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16 people share trends from the early 2000s they think should never come back.

16 people share trends from the early 2000s they think should never come back.


It's easy forget the days when we took our fashion cues from Avril Lavigne and 'Late Registration'-era Kanye West, but they were very real.

A recent Reddit thread asked people to name the huge trends everyone forgot about. The results are a cornucopia of cringe.

1. Remember when social media was overrun with 'Harlem Shake' videos?

I was at a wedding for a family friend when it was a thing. Our table was close to the edge of the dance floor for watching people make drunken fools of themselves. But then the Harlem Shake comes on. Most people just kept dancing not really aware of the song/meme.

During the build up I got up from my table and slowly made my way to the middle of the dance floor bobbing my head, while at the same time a guy 2 tables down from us also got up and was making his way to the dance floor.

There we were together on the dance floor and when the drop hit we both busted out our best Harlem shake. After about 20-30 seconds we both turned around, walked back to our tables, and sat down. Didn’t even know the guys name. - Nervous_NPC

2. SillyBandz came out of nowhere.

Silly Bands.

It was massive and then suddenly it vanished. - Doomwaffle9

3. There was a time when the coolest thing you could do was lay flat, face-down, on a surface or object in public and have someone take a picture then post it online. Wow.

Planking - tokenbisexual

4. Wonder if the people who got mustaches tattooed on their fingers feel dumb now.

Mustaches on absolutely everything - drinkitinmaaaan

5. Fidget spinners had a great run.

I actually really liked them. Someone randomly gave me one once (I'm 31 but I look quite young so maybe they thought I was a teenager or something?)

I'm quite fidgety when sitting down anyway so it was quite satisfying to spin it around while I was watching films etc. - banananey

6. Heelies — or were they called wheelies? — are ripe for a comeback.

The shoes with the wheels in the heels. And the ones that lit up when you walked. - wa444

7. Tamagotchis really primed us for a lifetime of handheld device addiction.


It went from 'everyone has one and must clean up their s***' to 'what the f*** was wrong with us' very quickly. - inckalt

8. Remember when everyone loved mullets, earnestly in the '80s and 'ironically' in the 2000s?

The mullet.

All business up front, party in the back...

9. Even when this was cool, it was still embarrassing.

Popped collars. Back in 2007 and around that time frame for a few months it was very big, and cringe. It didn't last long and I think everyone has forgotten it. - Prepper2086

10. Duct tape prom dress, anyone?

Making things out of duct tape, preferably mustache printed duct tape - _ravioli_buster_

11. Those clowns were so weird...

That thing in 2016 with the killer clowns - AmberMetallicScorpion

12. Forget Pogs, what about slammers?!

Pogs, f*** I miss those things - Borealis_sailor

13. Wow, we really went from denim everything to, in 2020, denim nothing.

Early 2000's denim everything trend - Enchanter177

14. Men deserve highlights too, if they want.

Frosted Tips - REO-tabaggin

15. Men in jeggings? Honestly, didn't hate it.

Early 2000s Brooklyn dudes wearing denim that was skin tight and looked like it was previously owned by a mechanic. - math-yoo

16. But this was the comfiest trouser trend of all time...

Parachute Pants - encogneeto

Sources: Reddit
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