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21 of the biggest red flags when meeting a new person.

21 of the biggest red flags when meeting a new person.


Whether you're starting a new class or a new job, meeting new people can be exciting — and it can also be a minefield.

It's tough to tell who's going to turn into your new bestie or your worst enemy, so some people keep a mental tally of red flags when meeting a new person.

Twenty-one people took to Reddit to share their pro tips for spotting a potentially bad person in a new situation. Check them out below.

1. Of course, there's always the whole pyramid scheme thing.

"Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Do you want to earn some extra income?" - L00kAtTheAww

2. People who can only talk about themselves are also an issue.

When everything is about them. - contra11

3. Everyone needs to cancel sometimes, but there's no shame in de-friending a habitual flake.

If they make plans with you and the cancel later because they got a better offer. - brokendowndryer

4. I bet I hate one-uppers more than this person.

Always look out for the two-sheds: those people who can't go for five minutes without one-upping someone else. Not gentlemanly empathizing and sharing their experiences, but taking the whole "that's nothing; listen to my story" route. - InkMage94

Sources: Reddit
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