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Bride asks if she's wrong to not let dad and MIL sit together at wedding.

Bride asks if she's wrong to not let dad and MIL sit together at wedding.


Everyone wants their parents and their in-laws to get along. But maybe not this much.

A bride has taken to Reddit to ask for advice because her dad wants to sit with her fiancé's mom at their wedding. The only issue? His actual wife isn't that into the idea. The dad says that because he's paying, he should be able to sit with who he wants. The bride disagrees.

She says her dad and her fiancé's mom are best friends:

I grew up with my fiancé. My dad and his mom are best friends. I can't even emphasize how close, and as an adult I've noticed that not many married adults have that type of closeness with any friend.

They have spend every Tuesday night together for the past 30ish years and no one else is invited. They go on trips, sometimes share a bed, talk literally every day.

The dad sounds like a real peach:

My dad is adamant it has never been romantic because she is ugly (she is far from ugly but he claims he doesn't like her race) I don't know what to believe. I almost believe that because my dad seems to have a huge virgin whore complex and I don't know if he could have maintained the friendship if they did hookup.

Also he treats her somewhat like a sibling, intentionally pisses her off a lot, but then again I don't cuddle my adult brother, so who knows.

They're not very nice to her mom:

I have a couple of issues with their friendship. MIL is disrespectful towards my mom, helps him hide his cheating, and they bad mouth my mom together. My mom hates their friendship (FIL is also involved but truly doesn't care, and him and MIL seem to have a happy marriage) My second issue is MIL is a pretty shitty mom and my dad has enabled that over the year.

She would run away a lot when my husband was a kid and my dad was constantly leaving to go calm her down. They would just sit on the beach all night and talk, and he never told her to grow up and go home.

The bride says they can't sit together:

I said they can't sit together at the wedding because it makes my mom uncomfortable, and because the two of them can be obnoxious together (he untied the back of her dress at a beach wedding once, so think casual sundress and the whole thing came down) my dad is furious. He said he paid for the wedding and I am not going to disrespect him.

MIL says I'm bullying her because she doesn't want to be stuck sitting with FIL's family because they are mean. to be clear i'm not making her sit with them. My dad is pissed and we got into a fight over the phone, but my mom is really happy and my fiancé is backing me,

The people of the internet agree that this 'friendship' is totally inappropriate and weird.

User dieticewater had some grim advice:

I’d double check that your fiancé isn’t your brother first.

box246 says:

you mean you MIL helps your dad cheat?? I’m sorry but they’re so disrespectful to their own relationships and it’s not ok. I’d tell them so and stand your ground with them not being able to sit together.

abcara agrees:

they have something weird going on and if you don't want to see that shit on your wedding day, that should be you and your fiancé's decision. And dad seems shady as hell. they are best friends (or more) but he doesn't like her race? wtf

Gundham_it thinks they're best friends with benefits:

They sleep in the same bed and he TOOK OFF HER DRESS ?! Yeah no, they're definitely f******

Babsgarcia offers a script:

'Look dad, here is the bottom line. You have had an odd relationship with MIL for as long as I can remember. It's been strange, unexplainable and many times completely inappropriate for a married man. You've made mom miserable with it for ALL those years, and even allowed MIL to treat/talk to mom like crap for all that time.

So at MY wedding, for ONE NIGHT, I would like mom not to have to live in the shadow of whatever it is you two have going on and enjoy herself by NOT having to sit next to the two of you together. (you could add for effect: Maybe one day you'll man up about exactly what it is you are doing but for now....) But for now, this is my line.'

And Kitsumekat has some dire advice:

Honestly, you should give him back his money and uninvite them both.

Otherwise, it's not going to be a pretty wedding.

Yikes all around. Hope they figure it out!

Sources: Reddit
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